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Europe's refugee crisis is going to get worse

New migrants land on the coast of Lesvos, Greece.

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Millions of migrants more

The images of Europe's refugee crisis are intractable. Nearly 1 million people migrated to the European Union from the Mideast and Africa last year, according to the International Organization for Migration. It's the continent's largest refugee influx since World War II. Most fled violence or poverty looking for a safe haven — and a chance to build a good life for themselves and their children.

But with another 3 million refugees expected in 2016, according to an IMF report released today, the mass migration will get worse before it gets better, and it has raised questions about the future of Europe.

Greece has borne the brunt of the exodus, with more than 850,000 people reaching its shores — nearly all arriving on Greek Islands from the nearby Turkish coast. The influx surge goes on unabated, yet the European response has been fractured. The situation is so dire, many celebrities, like Susan Sarandon, a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, have tried to raise public awareness on the stark realities of the worsening situation.

The following photos tell the story.

— By Lori Ioannou, senior editor, CNBC.com
Posted 20 January 2016

Photo: Tyson Sadler | RYOT News