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What would happen if Frank Underwood debated Trump...

Presidential race is very ‘entertaining program’: Actor
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What if President Frank Underwood from Netflix drama "House of Cards" had a debate with Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump?

"He wouldn't," Kevin Spacey, the actor who plays Underwood, told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

"There would be a terrible accident on the way to the debate, and, it would be terrible and very sad," Spacey jested.

Viewers of "House of Cards" will understand the mean streak that Underwood has shown in past series. Without revealing any spoilers, let's just say that he has fewer people in his life than a few years ago.

When asked if he could do an impression of Trump, Spacey said he needed a tie that went down to his knees because he wasn't sure why the presidential hopeful wore such long ties.

Donald Trump and Frank Underwood from Netflix's "House of Cards."
Getty Images (L) | Netflix (R)

But putting on a voice, Spacey guessed what Trump might say.

"I'm huge. I'm too huge for this church," Spacey said, referring to the venue where the interview was taking place.

The actor also said he found the presidential race "extremely entertaining" and summed up what he thought the candidates were saying.

"Laugh a minute, so incredibly fun, and look, the thing that I love about my country is that, you know, we know how to have a good time and we're very entertaining, and you know, generally it might take us a while, but we generally get it right, and I suspect we'll get it right," Spacey said.

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