Investment Strategy

Which investment strategy do you like best for 2016?

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One measure of just how catastrophic the start of year has been for markets: by Thursday's close, $4.6 trillion had been wiped off the S&P Global Broad Market Index.

And as equities plunged, the picture in other markets was been no prettier. The prices of WTI and Brent crude hovered around 2003 levels, while emerging market currencies were routed as risk-averse investors scurried to the yen and the dollar.

Now, with tentative signs of recovery, commentators are debating whether we have the start of a sustained rally or a just a dead cat bounce.

As uncertainty remains the byword for markets, tell CNBC:

The results of the poll will be used at an SGX-CNBC event, the Singapore Equities Dialogue 2016, hosted by the SGX on January 28. Sri Jegarajah will lead a panel on Advancing Singapore's Equities Market, while Martin Soong will moderate a session on Navigating Global & Asia Markets: What to Expect in 2016.

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