The average portfolio is losing ground to the S&P 500

Tech sector: A safe place to hide?

The stock market correction has been tough enough on Wall Street pros, but it's exacted an even worse toll on retail investors.

One gauge measuring the performance of retail investor portfolios shows a decline of 8.15 percent in 2016, an even bigger drop than the 6.9 percent decline the showed prior to the start of Friday trading.

Results from Openfolio, a social network where investors share their ideas and platform construction, show its clients are underperforming the broader market. The results, culled from looking at a weighted average of 60,000 or so portfolios, reflect the difficulties facing the market this year.

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"Younger investors are doing even worse," said Maxwell Lane, a researcher at Openfolio. "The largest sector in our index is technology. Everyone's been taking gains in tech through this sell-off. That's really been driving our index down."