Fallas Family Vision of McDonough, Georgia, Adds OptoMap Retinal System for an Ultra-Wide View of the Retina During Eye Exams

MCDONOUGH, Ga., Jan. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fallas Family Vision is now bringing OptoMap Retinal Imaging to their suite of services. This innovative system allows for advanced assessment of the retina, or the back of the eye, to detect and help mitigate eye disease. An ultra-wide field view of this crucial area allows for deeper medical insights, early detection of disease and more proactive preventative measures than ever before. Dr. Humberto Fallas of Fallas Family Vision explains, “We strive to bring the most advanced technology to our patients during comprehensive eye exams and other procedures, and the OptoMap system sets the standard in eye health. This technology fits our high criteria for bringing the very best to patients for eye disease prevention, excellent vision and ongoing health.”

In the past, examining the retina has been quite challenging. Traditional methods for viewing this area of the eye could be effective; however, they were also fairly difficult to complete. The optometrist had to look through the eye’s pupil and scrutinize a tissue layer on back and sides of the eye’s interior. These kinds of examinations are conducted manually and typically do not yield a digital record of what took place. These traditional methods have only revealed about 10 to 12 percent of the retina at once.

By contrast, the OptoMap Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging System captures over 80 percent of the retinal area in just one pass. Because the image is panoramic, a total eye assessment is possible. The OptoMap examination takes just seconds, involves no discomfort or pain, and usually doesn’t require pupil dilation.

This unique, unprecedented and ultra-wide view of the retina enhances the ability of the optometrist to detect disease at the earliest stage that it can present itself on the retina of the eye. The ability to view most of the retina at one time with this technology affords optometrists the opportunity to review the images thoroughly and educate clients about their options for optimal eye health.

The OptoMap system assists both patients and optometrists in making informed decisions about eye health as well as overall well-being. In this way, OptoMap technology helps to bring eye exams to life. It is safe for children as well; a number of vision issues can start at a very early age, so this technology can be integral in assisting children in receiving proper care.

Fallas Family Vision is located at 1415 Hwy 20 W in McDonough, Georgia. Those in the area who are interested in learning more about the OptoMap Retinal System with an ultra-wide view of the retina to enhance their eye exams can call (770) 954-9898 for more information. They may also visit the Fallas Family Vision website to learn more about the range of services offered by this optometrist.

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