La Concepcion Animal Hospital Now Offering Minimally Invasive Endoscopy to Treat Pets That Have Swallowed Foreign Objects

GOLETA, Calif., Jan. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The La Concepcion Animal Hospital now features endoscopy for animals as a minimally invasive solution for pets that have swallowed small objects and/or have an item lodged in their throat or esophagus. This less intrusive alternative to surgery is safer and highly effective, bringing relief to pets as well as relieving the stress on their owners.

La Concepcion Animal Hospital is a full service small animal veterinary hospital that brings expert care to pets in the Goleta, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria areas. They offer a range of advanced specialized surgical and diagnostic procedures that are usually only offered in specialty hospitals, but with fees that are more affordable to the public.

The professionals at La Concepcion Animal Hospital see an unfortunate number of incidents of animals swallowing objects around the home or yard. This behavior is sometimes accelerated during the holidays and other occasions when small items such as gifts, toys, decorations and other trinkets are more prevalent and may be scattered around the home or property. “Incidents of pets swallowing foreign objects are all too common and pose a major health hazard, especially for dogs,” shares Dr. Michele A. Everitt. “If a pet swallows a foreign object, it is crucial to get the animal to an emergency care center right away.”

Dr. Joseph Dalo Jr. adds, “We are pleased to now have on hand technology that extracts foreign objects in a minimally invasive manner. Our endoscopy system is a less intrusive alternative to surgery for pets that have swallowed foreign objects. It is safer and less stressful on the animal’s physical health than surgery. We are grateful to be able to bring relief with this technology.”

Other risks to pets around the home and property include hazardous materials like cleaning products, solvents, chemicals, lawn fertilizer, weed killer and poisons for insects or other vermin. Pets may be at risk if these items are left in open or easy to open containers or if they have been spilled or applied around the property.

Whether the animal ingests a poison or a foreign object, professional help will be required to treat the issue and help to restore their health and wellbeing. The professionals at La Concepcion Animal Hospital are dedicated to the health and safety of the pets they serve in the Goleta, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria areas. Some of the other services offered by La Concepcion Animal Hospital include gastroenterology, cardiology, thoracic Services, dermatology, urology and neurology.

La Concepcion Animal Hospital is located at 7126 Hollister Avenue in Goleta, California. Those in the public who are interested in receiving more information about their services may do so by calling (805) 685-4513 or by visiting the La Concepcion Animal Hospital website.

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