Premier Family Chiropractic Offers Isagenix Nine-Day Nutritional Detox System

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., Jan. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Premier Family Chiropractic recently started offering the Isagenix nine-day cleansing and fat-burning detox system, and Dr. Quinn W. Uzelman and his team are working hard to promote its benefits to patients. Although chiropractic care is the main service that is offered by the practice, the chiropractor and his team also strive to help patients achieve complete health and wellness. "Nutrition plays a huge part in that," said Dr. Uzelman. "Maintaining a healthy weight does too, and this system is one of the best ways to kick-start renewed weight-loss efforts in the New Year," he added.

Isagenix offers a complete lineup of weight-loss and cleansing products, including two systems: a 30-day system and a nine-day system. The latter is popular among people of various fitness levels and nutritional needs because it helps them lose weight quickly. Over the course of the nine-day program, people lose an average of seven pounds. The system works by improving the body's alkalinity, which helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Unlike many detox and cleansing systems, it doesn't rely on diuretics or laxatives, so people don't feel deprived while using it. "This system is highly effective," said Dr. Uzelman. "However, it does require a strong commitment. During those nine days, you must stick with the program. Fortunately, it's designed in a way that keeps people from feeling deprived."

The nine-day system consists of a combination of Shake Days and Cleanse Days. On Shake Days, which happen on two consecutive days, patients replace two meals with IsaLean shakes. For their third meal, they have a healthy, low-calorie meal. IsaLean shakes are nutritionally complete meal replacements that include 23 grams of New Zealand whey and casein protein as well as an amino acid complex. On Cleanse Days, which occur on two consecutive days, patients take four servings of Cleanse for Life in either liquid or powder form. Cleanse for Life assists the body's ability to remove impurities while feeding and nourishing it with more than 100 nutrients.

In addition to kick-starting weight loss, the Isagenix nine-day nutritional detox system boosts energy, improves muscle tone, reduces cravings and promotes balanced digestion. The system also includes Isagenix Snacks and Natural Accelerator, which contains thermogenic ingredients that enhance energy and boost the fat burning. "After overcoming whatever ailments brought them to our chiropractic practice in the first place, most patients are eager to keep up the forward momentum by improving their health in other ways. We recommend the Isagenix nine-day system as a way of kick-starting weight loss and achieving a healthier and happier lifestyle," said Dr. Uzelman.

Dr. Uzelman and the rest of the team at Premier Family Chiropractic are also happy to sit down with patients to discuss the system. Premier Family Chiropractic is located in Brentwood and serves the greater Franklin, TN, area. Appointments can be made by calling (615) 661-4101.

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