Washington Vision Therapy Center Announces Insurance Coverage for Vision Therapy

YAKIMA, Wash., Jan. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The doctors at Washington Vision Therapy Center announced that changes in many major insurance plans now include coverage for vision therapy. Several Medicaid plans, including Coordinated Care Health, Molina Healthcare, and United Healthcare Healthy Options, have decided to provide coverage for neuro-visual rehabilitation, also known as vision therapy. Prior to this decision, many patients who needed vision therapy, but also required financial assistance for the program, have had to wait for services.

Dr. Benjamin Winters of Washington Vision Therapy Center is thrilled with the decision to provide more extensive coverage to those who may need it most. "Vision therapy can have a huge impact on the life of an individual who is in need of these services. Knowing that their treatment is now covered by Medicaid and most other insurers will provide a great level of ease and comfort to these clients," stated Dr. Winters. "When we begin a program of vision therapy with a patient, we like to sit down with the patient and his or her family. We outline the diagnosis and treatment needs as well as the coverage provided by their insurer. At that meeting we will have already looked into your insurance coverage. Our staff will work with any insurance provider whether it is Medicaid or a small provider to ensure that our patients get the benefits due to them. We believe it is just one sign of how our practice goes above and beyond to serve our clients."

Vision therapy addresses conditions such as convergence insufficiency (eye-teaming difficulties), accommodative dysfunction (eye-focusing problems), oculomotor dysfunction (difficulty with eye tracking), strabismus (wandering eye) and amblyopia ("lazy eye"). According to Dr. Winters, "We frequently see these issues in our practice. Patients rarely understand that their difficulty in academics or reading comprehension are due to vision issues. Sometimes patients, particularly the young, are incorrectly diagnosed and labeled with learning difficulties, when in reality their eyes are not working together well."

Vision therapy is an individualized course of treatment designed to address symptoms such as tired eyes and headaches associated with computer work and reading, blurring and doubling vision, and visual attention that are keeping a patient from reaching their full potential in life. Developmental optometrists and trained vision therapists use a variety of methods to improve vision including specialized lenses, prisms, and exercises. Appointments usually take around 1 hour each and are scheduled normally once a week. Patients may be given additional exercises to complete at home. Depending on the complexity of the patient's vision issues, therapy may take between 4 to 10 months or longer for severe conditions.

To make an appointment to discuss vision therapy for you or your child, contact Washington Vision Therapy Center at (509) 654-9256. Regular office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. For more information visit them online at www.wavtc.com.

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