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Ben & Jerry's co-founder gives Sanders an ice cream

Bernie Sanders gets his own Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor
Bernie Sanders gets his own Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor

Ben & Jerry's co-founder Ben Cohen announced on Monday that he has created a limited-edition ice cream flavor inspired by Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

Dubbed "Bernie's Yearning," the new flavor is comprised of a solid mint ice cream topped with a hard chocolate shell. The ice cream's barrier supposedly represents the disparity of wealth that has risen to the top one percent since the end of the recession, according to its label.

There are also specific instructions provided in order to indulge in the treat. First, those who choose to consume the ice cream should take the back of a spoon and whack the huge chocolate discs into lots of pieces. They should then let the ice cream soften a bit, mixing the pieces around. Finally, the last step is to "dig in and share the treat with your fellow Americans."

"Nothing is so unstoppable as a flavor whose time has finally come," wrote Cohen on his Facebook page about the ice cream.

Ben & Jerry's founder unveils new 'Bernie's Yearning' ice cream flavor.
Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images

Cohen made about 40 pints of the limited-edition batch, 25 of which he said were donated to Sanders' campaign to be given away in a contest.

"Jerry and I have been constituents of Bernie Sanders for the last 30 years," Cohen said on his website. "We've seen him in action and we believe in him."


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