New Banksy artwork protests treatment of migrants in Calais

Luke Graham, News Assistant
Banksy artwork protests treatment of migrants in Calais
Banksy artwork protests treatment of migrants in Calais

U.K. graffiti artist Banksy has created a new work in London to protest the alleged use of teargas on migrants and refugees camped around the French port of Calais.

The artwork in Knightsbridge is located opposite the French embassy. It parodies the logo for the musical "Les Miserables", and shows tears streaming from the eyes of the character, Cosette, due to gas from a CS canister.

Next to the artwork is a QR barcode linking to a video posted by the Calais Migrant Solidarity project. The video claims to show police attacking a migrant camp, nicknamed the "Jungle", with teargas, rubber bullets and concussion grenades on January 5th.

The Calais Migrant Solidarity project began in 2009 and protests against borders and restrictions on the free movement of people.

There are roughly 6,000 migrants camped around Calais, hoping to cross into the U.K., according to a report by "The Economist" newspaper in November.

Banksy, whose real identity if unknown, is an activist and has made several politically-charged artworks attacking capitalism, media and the abuse of power by governments. Last year, he created a temporary theme park satirising Disneyland called "Dismaland".

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