Ostara is named in the 2015 Global Cleantech 100:

VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc., has been recognized for the seventh consecutive year as a leader in the clean tech industry for shaping the future of resource recovery with its proprietary technology that sustainably recovers nutrients from wastewater streams. Ostara has been named to the prestigious 2015 Global Cleantech 100, produced by Cleantech Group, whose mission is to connect corporations to sustainable innovation through its i3 Connect platform and global events. Expert Global Cleantech panellists chose Ostara for producing a sustainable wastewater treatment solution with a revenue-generating, Root ActivatedTM fertilizer as a by-product.

The Global Cleantech 100 represents the most innovative and promising ideas in cleantech. Featuring companies that are best positioned to solve tomorrow's clean technology challenges, Global Cleantech 100 is a comprehensive list of private companies with the highest potential to make the most significant market impact.

"It is an honor to be named to the Global Cleantech 100 list for the 7th consecutive year," said Phillip Abrary, Ostara's president and CEO. "Ostara is proud to be recognized as a pioneer in nutrient recovery, working to protect precious waterways by changing the way cities around the world treat nutrients while preserving a valuable resource essential to growing our food crops."

This list is collated by combining proprietary Cleantech Group research data, with weighted qualitative judgments of hundreds of nominations, and specific inputs from a global 100-person Expert Panel. To qualify for the list, companies must be independent, for-profit, cleantech companies that are not listed on any major stock exchange.

This year, a record number of nominations were received: 6,900 distinct companies from 60 countries. These companies were weighted and scored to create a short list of 323 companies. Short-listed nominees were reviewed by Cleantech Group's Expert Panel, resulting in a finalized list of 100 companies from 17 countries.

The 100-member expert panel was drawn equally from leading financial investors and representatives of multi-national corporations and industrials active in technology and innovation scouting across Asia, Europe, and North America. The composition of the expert panel broadly represents the global cleantech community, from pioneers and leaders to veterans and new entrants. The diversity of panelists results in a list of companies that command an expansive base of respect and support from many important players within the global cleantech innovation ecosystem.

"The Global Cleantech 100 provides us with insight into the collective opinion of key market players on which megatrends and innovation, companies are most likely to have a significant impact in the next 5-10 years," said Michele Parad, Senior Manager at Cleantech Group and lead author of the Global Cleantech 100 Report. "Now in its 7th year, the Global Cleantech 100 program reveals which themes are staying relevant and which sectors are taking center stage."

The complete list of 100 companies was revealed on January 25th at Cleantech Forum San Francisco: http://events.cleantech.com/cleantech-forum-sf/

For complete information on Ostara's leadership within the cleantech space, access i3 by visiting i3connect.com—Cleantech Group's leading market intelligence platform—and search for Ostara.
The list is accompanied by a full report with commentary and insight on the 2015 Global Cleantech 100—authored by Cleantech Group, powered by data from i3, and sponsored by Chubb. Download the report at: http://www.cleantech.com/indexes/global-cleantech-100/2015-global-cleantech-100/

The complete list of Global Cleantech 100 expert panel members is available at http://www.cleantech.com/indexes/global-cleantech-100/expert-panelists/

About Ostara & Crystal Green:

Ostara helps protect precious water resources by changing the way cities around the world manage nutrients in wastewater streams. The company's Pearl® technology recovers phosphorus and nitrogen at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and transforms them into a high-value, eco-friendly fertiliser, Crystal Green®. The process greatly reduces nutrient management costs and helps plants meet increasingly stringent discharge limits while improving operating reliability. Crystal Green is the first continuous release granular fertiliser to provide Root-Activated™ phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium (5-28-0-10Mg), and is marketed through a global network of blenders and distributors to growers in the turf, horticultural and agriculture sectors. Its unique Root-Activated™ mode of action improves crop yields, enhances turf performance and significantly reduces the risk of leaching and runoff, thus protecting local waterways from nutrient pollution. Ostara operates multiple facilities throughout North America and Europe and will open the world's largest nutrient recovery facility in partnership with the City of Chicago in Spring 2016. For more information, visit www.ostara.com and www.crystalgreen.com.

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