The Pinnacle Charter School Awards FORTRUST With Contract

DENVER, Jan. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FORTRUST, a leading data center and colocation services provider, welcomes The Pinnacle Charter School, one of Colorado’s largest K-12 charter schools as their newest client. Employing highly qualified teachers and data-driven instruction, Pinnacle, which serves the North Denver Metro area, aims to provide academic excellence to its student body.

Recently, The Pinnacle Charter School has taken on the responsibility of hosting the local School Food Authority (SFA) for numerous charter schools. The SFA is an administering unit that receives federal meal reimbursements for meal programs and is responsible for determining eligibility for National School Lunch Program Free and Reduced Price qualifications. The confidential data and application servers connecting all of the remote schools that the SFA serves required a reliable and secure data center environment. With this in mind, The Pinnacle Charter School sought to colocate at a data center with redundancy, multilayered security measures, and unwavering power and connectivity to support their mission critical data. Their research yielded several seemingly promising data centers in the Rocky Mountain Region, but they found that none compared to FORTRUST.

“Tasked with the responsibility of hosting such a large, sensitive data-driven program, we knew we had to find the most reliable data center to work with,” says Brian Martinez, CIO at The Pinnacle Charter Schools, “We chose FORTRUST because no one has the documented matrix of success like they do.”

“FORTRUST’s comprehensive security measures, redundancy, power, and connectivity make our data center facility one of the safest and most reliable places in the Rocky Mountain Region to colocate,” states Joshua Moody, FORTRUST’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We welcome Pinnacle Charter Schools as our newest colocated customer and look forward to continuing to provide them the very best in data center services.”


FORTRUST is one of the most progressive high-availability data center services providers in North America, serving clients across the globe who depend on colocation services for a critical lifeline of their business. FORTRUST Denver is the largest data center in the region with over 300,000 square feet and 34 megawatts of data center capacity. FORTRUST offers agile, reliable, sustainable and secure raised floor and modular data center capacity for any-size enterprise supported by optimal power infrastructure and connectivity to safeguard mission-critical business services. In addition to the national headquarters in Denver, FORTRUST has data center locations in Phoenix, Arizona and Edison, New Jersey.

About Pinnacle Charter Schools

Founded in 1997, The Pinnacle Charter School is a leading alternative choice school for the Denver Metro Area, with enrollment exceeding 2,000 students from a ten-mile radius and five neighboring school districts. The Pinnacle Charter School District employs 132 highly qualified teachers and educational support staff members who are devoted to the educational well-being of all students. In addition, the school employs 47 non-instructional support staff personnel, including a Transportation Department with 15 operating school buses and a Food Services Department that serves more than 1,500 meals per day. The Pinnacle Charter School provides a rigorous and balanced curriculum to students of varying needs, abilities, and backgrounds.

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