VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The globally celebrated annual idea conference TED comes to Vancouver with a call to world's innovators to… Dream. Wines of Chile will be onsite to spark discourse about Chile's own dream for sustainability and diversity in the wine industry.

"Creativity and innovation are revolutionizing Chile's wines, and propelled Wines of Chile to join TED2016. TED, a leader in revolutionary ideas, mirrors our vision of how to evolve," says Wines of Chile Managing Director Claudio Cilveti. "Chile shares TED's vision of leading with impactful ideas and will bring the culture of wine as a point of discussion to the TED conference. Everything happens very quickly in our world today and one cannot just wait and follow others' lead. The future is upon us, and Wines of Chile is excited to engage the TED conference in a dialogue about the future of wine."

Wines of Chile will invite attendees at February's conference to consider how sustainability, if practiced on a global scale, could positively impact planet Earth. "As the most innovative wine-producing country on the planet, Chile is well-suited to join the conversation at the 2016 TED conference," commented President of Wines of Chile and CEO of Casa Silva, Mario Pablo Silva. "We are exploring terroirs, varieties, and winemaking techniques and aiming to be the number one producer of sustainable wines. Chile is a viticultural paradise relatively free from pests and blessed with perfect growing conditions, which allows us to practice low-impact, intelligent viticulture techniques and demands that we protect this paradise for future generations."

A series of interactive workshops and dedicated wine events will be hosted by Wines of Chile throughout the conference to share the best practices in winemaking, including behind the scenes details on the sustainable certification process and hands-on learning. Ten Chilean wineries will present wines, soil and barrel samples, and varieties for a tasting and education station led by wine experts from Chile.

An 'Education Station' will be presented by Wines of Chile with three parts: framework – exploring the rigorous processes each winery must go through in order to become certified sustainable in Chile; groundwork – discovering first- hand the tapestry of soils that give Chile its winemaking diversity; and craftsmanship – learning the art of the blend by becoming 'winemakers' and blending barrel samples to taste and compare against top winemakers' blends.

The Education Station invites attendees to learn why worldwide sustainable winemaking would truly be a dream and how the code used in Chile could be used as a model for other regions. The hands-on experience will share with attendees the new heights which Chilean winemakers are going to in order to perfect their wines, and will immerse participants in terroir, dream soils which nurture different grape varieties, and the alchemy of winemaking – experience firsthand the taste, aroma and texture that different grapes yield when well blended.

About Wines of Chile:
Wines of Chile is an organization committed to promoting the quality and image of Chilean wine throughout the world. As the Chilean wine industry has undergone numerous and profound transformations over the past 30 years it has allowed a new generation of talented viticulturists and winemakers to capitalize on Chile's viticultural paradise and to produce World Class Wines of unique character and personality. Chile is the world's seventh largest wine producer and the fifth largest exporter. With 150 destination countries and 1.5 billion consumers per year Chilean wines are positioned as the country's most emblematic and best known world ambassador.

The vision of the Chilean wine industry is to become the number one producer of sustainable and diverse premium wines by 2025. Wines of Chile offer unique sustainable premium quality and diversity, ranging from cool climate to full-bodied fruity wines, with consistent high quality and value. To learn more about the Wines of Chile visit:

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