Oprah's made $2.4 million per lost pound

Oprah Winfrey
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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey just made more news, saying she lost 26 pounds on her Weight Watchers diet.

Even better, her wallet got a lot fatter.

That's because Oprah is a board member and large share owner of the company. She's made a fortune since her October investment. Using a price of $13 a share from Tuesday afternoon, that means she's made $61 million on her total investment.

On a per-pound basis, that's $2.36 million of profits gained for each pound lost.

She has the best of both worlds: getting richer while getting slimmer.

Oprah's October investment came at a price of $6.79 per share. She bought about 6.36 million shares, which cost her $43.2 million.

She was also granted 3.51 million options to buy shares at that same $6.79 price. Combining shares and options, her total stake is worth almost 10 million shares — 9.88 million shares to be more specific. The stock has practically doubled in that time, even including the rapid decline in the past several weeks.

Winfrey announced the weight loss in December, and got more attention Tuesday after she posted a video about it on Twitter.