Topokine Initiates Phase 2 Trial of TAT4 Gel for Topical Reduction of Laugh Lines

BOSTON, Jan. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Topokine Therapeutics, the biotechnology company pioneering topical medications to contour the face and body, announced today that it has initiated a Phase 2 study of TAT4 Gel for reduction of nasolabial folds. Commonly known as laugh lines, nasolabial folds are a common sign of aging. They are typically treated with injectable dermal fillers.

TAT4 Gel is the second product in Topokine’s innovative pipeline of topical adipomodulatory medicines. Applied to the skin once daily, TAT4 acts pharmacologically to increase subcutaneous fat, thereby softening skin wrinkles and folds. As part of the randomized, placebo-controlled trial, patients are applying TAT4 Gel to their nasolabial folds for three months.

“Our faces lose volume as we age, which deepens nasolabial folds,” said Jody Levine, MD, FAAD, FAAP, a New York dermatologist recognized by New Beauty as one of the nation’s Top Beauty Doctors. “TAT4 was designed to enhance tissue volume by increasing subcutaneous fat.”

“Today, many patients and dermatologists rely on injectable dermal fillers to rejuvenate the skin,” said Michael Singer, MD, PhD, Topokine’s Chief Scientific Officer. “TAT4 is based on a simple concept—that instead of injecting foreign substances into the skin, a topical product can signal the patient’s own cells to reestablish a more youthful contour.”

About Topokine

Topokine is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing topical prescription medications that act pharmacologically on adipocytes to contour the face and body. The company’s lead program, XAF5 Ointment, is in late-stage clinical development for reduction of undereye bags (steatoblepharon). Topokine’s pipeline also includes TAT4 Gel, which increases subcutaneous fat and is in Phase 2 development as a “topical filler” for reduction of laugh lines (nasolabial folds). The company’s assets are protected by over 75 issued and pending patents worldwide. For more information, visit

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Source: Topokine Therapeutics