New Series “Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills” Gives a Glimpse of Life on the Cutting-Edge…And it’s Not All Ferraris and Tummy Tucks

Los Angeles, Jan. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- World-renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Robert Rey and Dr. Jason Diamond make their return to television in a new series, “Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills,” now streaming on Netflix. The 15 episode reality series offers an even closer look at the professional (and personal) lives of Beverly Hills, California’s most lauded plastic surgeons.

Drs. Robert Rey and Jason Diamond are joined by the industry’s leading liposuction expert Dr. David Amron, as well as dentist to the stars Dr. Kevin Sands, celebrity hair transplant surgeon Dr. Craig Ziering, and of course, their wives. The series delivers viewers an intimate and sometimes shocking glimpse into what it’s like to practice cosmetic surgeries in one of the most expensive (and competitive) zip codes in the world.

“Beverly Hills really is its own world, and with it comes a very unique culture. It just so happens, a major part of that culture is cosmetic and plastic surgery,” said Jonathan Zager, executive producer and show runner. “’Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills’ offers a very realistic, and dramatic, look into this luxe lifestyle. For the first time, we are giving viewers a hard look into not only the industry, but also the doctors’ personal lives together as close friends outside of the operating room.”

From celebrity facelifts to fast sports cars to breast and butt implant surgeries, the new series is every bit as eye-opening as it is lavish. But it’s not all glitz and glamour in Beverly Hills. In addition to performing some truly life-changing operations, the surgeons are also captured undergoing life challenges of their own, including one of the doctors barely surviving a glider crash while the show’s cameras were rolling.

“Being a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills definitely comes with certain stresses and temptations,” said Zager. “Between the celebrity clients, the fame, and a whole lot of money, balancing a career and home life can be tricky…and the show definitely reveals that. However, despite the modeling shoots and sometimes lavish spending, I think it is clear these surgeons are really in this for one reason: to help patients feel and look their very best.”

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