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Cramer Remix: These major names can climb higher

Cramer Remix: These major names can climb higher

Companies reported some spectacular quarters this week, and Jim Cramer thought it just added more fuel to the fire in Friday's rally.

It was the stocks that had huge moves this week that made it to Cramer's shopping list for next week, because he is confident that there could be more sell-off days ahead.

First on Cramer's list was Facebook, which blew away investor expectations when it reported. Cramer thinks this stock remains cheap, even after its remarkable run.

"Here is a company that is making a fortune off you, and you love it," the "Mad Money " host said.

Cramer also recommended Johnson & Johnson, MasterCard, Visa, Paypal and McDonald's.

"Procter & Gamble dazzled, despite a strong dollar, and I was blown away by the margin improvement and the organic growth. Neither Procter nor McDonald's is done going higher, " Cramer said.

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After a miserable market last week, this week ended with a bang. And Cramer was happy to see progress made to help prepare investors for another week ahead in earnings.

However, with employment numbers on the horizon, that doesn't mean stocks are in the clear.

"Employment numbers trump everything else, so tread lightly, because if hiring picks up and wages rise dramatically, the bullish move we got this week could be repealed in a heartbeat," he said.

Stocks were able to leap forward this week because the averages were finally decoupled from the Chinese stock market. That was a big deal because the Chinese market deservedly will continue to go down. In Cramer's perspective, it was all a bubble.

Additionally, the price of oil bounced to $33 from $26, and that is good news for struggling oil companies that need to raise cash to stay in business.

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One stock that has taken a serious beating this year is Brunswick Corporation, the world's top maker of recreational boats with a sideline of fitness machines. Cramer regards this company as one of the best plays out there for discretionary spending.

Brunswick reported a mixed quarter on Thursday. Despite beating Wall Street's earnings estimates, revenue came in lower than expected. Cramer thinks the reason why the stock has been slammed so hard is because investors are wary about the state of the global economy, and are therefore less likely to buy extravagant items such as a boat.

To learn more, Cramer spoke with Brunswick Chairman and CEO Dusty McCoy.

"I think another thing going on ... people may be comparing us to what other people I would call are into power sports. That's ATVs, motorcycles, all of that. And those guys have been having a tough time, " McCoy said.

737 Max Hero Boeing
Meghan Reeder | CNBC

Cramer was really puzzled about the aerospace group this week. He decided to make it his mission to figure out if this group is peaking, because there is some serious money to be made or lost when it comes to the sector.

The aerospace stocks have been among the strongest out there. The space was suddenly called into question on Wednesday when Boeing reported a decent quarter, but then gave very weak guidance. Immediately, investors worried that the aerospace sector could be peaking, and Boeing's stock plunged almost 9 percent in a single session.

Even though Boeing got the most attention, there was also other bits of news that came out that had a much different takeaway. United Technologies issued a brighter outlook for its aerospace business. Additionally, Honeywell reported on Friday and reported similarly positive guidance, including in its aerospace division.

With these conflicting signals, Cramer boiled it down to two possible theories. Maybe the aerospace industry is peaking, and Boeing is just seeing it before the others.

"Or maybe, and this was my initial reaction to the weakness on Boeing, we are not seeing a peak in the industry at all," the "Mad Money " host said.

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Even as Boeing struggles, Cramer reminded investors that some industries are likely to stay strong even if the market doesn't go back into bear territory.

One of those companies is Ethan Allen Interiors, as the home furnishings space has been pretty strong even after the Fed tightened. Ethan Allen is the chain of about 300 design centers that provide high-quality home décor, design and furnishings.

Although it has a somewhat inconsistent history, Ethan Allen reported a very strong quarter. Cramer spoke with the company's chairman and CEO, Farooq Kathwari, to hear more.

"When we take a look at the number of initiatives that we have had, first, of course, is our operating leverage. This vertical integration really makes a difference," Kathwari said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on caller favorite stocks:

Radian Group: "No. If I'm going to play housing, I'm going to play it now with Lennar. We had a fabulous move with Radian, but now we're back on Lennar."

Lannett: "I've got to tell you, I think you've got to be worried about that one. Buy it Friday if you really want to."

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