9ZhaiGou Asset Management Limited Listed on NASDAQ MarketSite Screen Gains Attention From Abroad

BEIJING, Jan. 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Abstract: During the recent US-China Global Innovation summit in San Francisco, Chinese company 9ZhaiGou, an Internet asset management platform, appeared on America’s famous NASDAQ MarketSite screen in New York City’s Time Square, attracting the interest and attention of foreign media. As China’s only platform for Internet and asset management, 9ZhaiGou sends a strong message to the world, as it simultaneously exhibits an advanced model for management of Internet assets and also enters the international market.

The NASDAQ MarketSite screen is located in Times Square, often known as the crossroads of the world. Times Square is one of the world’s most prosperous and booming shopping centers--everyday hundreds of thousands people from all over the world visit Times Square, and there are as many as 450 million visitors per year, making it the ideal location for the NASDAQ MarketSite screen. The Nasdaq MarketSite screen, which debuted on January 1, 2000, is 17 meters long and 4 meters wide and is on the exterior of the Nasdaq building at the center of Times Square.

The Nasdaq MarketSite has always played an important role for Chinese companies on the global stage. China’s top companies such as Baidu, Jingdong, etc. were all presented to the global market for the first time on the Nasdaq MarketSite screen. Therefore, the Nasdaq MarketSite ‘sounds the horn’ for new and important Chinese companies entering the global market.

9ZhaiGou’s appearance on the Nasdaq MarketSite Screen symbolizes a new level of validation for the company, demonstrating strength in asset management as well as their determination to move towards a global market. As China’s leading asset management platform, 9ZhaiGou has since the beginning played an important role. After just one month of being online, 9ZhaiGou received nearly 2000 commissioned cases, from over 31 provinces, with assets that reached 1.01 billion Yuan.

More importantly, 9ZhaiGou has encouraged exploration of models within the industry of asset management, and as result, experts working within the industry have seen an improvement in the index level. Those working in the industry have expressed that as the Internet evolves, the industry is likely to resolve the relationship between finance and the credit of the Internet. 9ZhaiGou is already in a leading position.

Experts in the industry suggest based on our current situation, China is positioned right at the point of conversion of manufactured capital to financial capital. This period is especially crucial and the relationship must be healthy as it affects the entire national economy. In this process, asset management is extremely important, and 9ZhaiGou’s appearance on the Nasdaq’s MarketSite screen makes that clear. The development of China’s economy has ushered in tremendous opportunities for credit capital; whether it is the prospect of the establishment of the credit system, or of the Internet, they are moving in the finance towards a higher level of development.

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