Wheat Finance Landing Times Square, Build Warm and Accessible Finance as Wheat

BEIJING, Jan. 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Abstract: New York Times Square welcome Wheat Financial, China's another Internet pioneer financial enterprise after Ant Financial and JD(JingDong) Finance. Four brands of Wheat Financial -- Nono Bank, Uni-lending, Super Mortgage, Fortune Papa, all make a stage pose on the NASDAQ screen of Times Square. Wheat Financial is a young Innovative company of less than six years, but it has completed the comprehensive layout of Internet financial and gained financing series A from Haitong Securities, becoming one of China's Internet financial industry leaders. Representatived by Huang Darong the founder, its group of business beginners is all of the generation after 80s and as young and energetic as Wheat Financial, responds to the call of "public innovation and business" of government, symbolize the energy of Chinese youths, showing their vitality and creativity to the whole world.

In Times Square, Wheat Financial takes a clear-cut stand on the slogan of “Mobile financial and inclusive financial", which is also the strategic orientation in internet finance.

Uni-lending of Wheat Financial has covered more than 2500 colleges and universities, and served 30 million college students. It has 63% market share of college students' cash borrowing, 1.5 million borrowing proposition of a year and 3 billion loan amount, of which more than 400 thousand is for college students. The original idea of Uni-lending is to serve entrepreneurs of college students and be their practice finance, which embodies the connotation of inclusive financial.

Fortune Papa, as another major brand of Wheat Financial, is a current investment product based on the mobile terminals. It achieved more than 6.5 billion cumulative volume in less than six months since it's online. It is committed to let every ordinary user enjoy safe, convenient and high-yield financial products, let everyone enjoy equal and good financial service and achieve their wealth dream.

From assets to capital, inclusive financial idea is reflected in each product and service of Wheat Financial, whose original idea is always “finance as warm and accessible as wheat”.

To become the "leader" and "pioneer" of finance industry is Wheat Financial's “ambition”. For now, Fortune Papa and Super Mortgage have completed their layout on mobile devices, the other services will successively complete mobile terminal construction, to achieve its goal of Internet finance3.0 of mobile intelligence, and the financial ecosystem. Wheat Finance also has finance lease, factoring, fund distribution and many other financial services licences. Its future goal is to achieve asset securitization based on college student lending and mortgage as high-quality assets, and to become a professional asset management company through the OTC market distribution, trust projects and the strategic cooperation with Haitong capital.

Wheat Finance is the first company who realize large-scale ESOP ( employee stock ownership plan ) in financial field in China. Wheat Finance will be listed on the new strategic emerging industries board, which will make Wheat Finance the first listed platform in domestic Internet finance industry. To this end, Wheat Finance makes a capital supervision agreement with China Merchants Bank, and cooperates with Deloitte & Touche to examine its business Compliance, in order to realize highly structured business specifications, and set up bases for IPO that in compliance with laws and regulations.

Wheat Finance travelled far away across the sea to USA and then landed in Times Square. In November 2015, it set up branch company in Boston, providing financial service for Chinese overseas students of top 100 American universities, which is just the overseas Uni-lending project. The cross-border business of Wheat Finance brings more imagination for its internationalization strategy.

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