Diet Doc Offers New Prescription Diet Aid for Dieters Struggling with Emotional Eating

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 30, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emotional eating has destroyed more diets than cupcakes. Well, technically, cupcakes are often consumed as a result of stress, a common emotional eating trigger for many people. Stress at work and at home can cause uncontrolled snacking and appetite, making weight loss, or even maintaining a healthy weight, impossible. Diet Doc offers a comprehensive weight loss system, coupled with a potent prescription diet aid named Neuro Balance, specifically geared to address the causes of emotional eating.

The truth is, the hormones excreted in the body during stressful times in life can make food literally addictive, and most of us are actually helpless against this hormone. In order to reduce between meal hunger and appetite, consumers could seek out an appetite depressant, but Diet Doc knows that to properly and effectively address emotional eating, its source must be targeted.

To help all people suffering from the effects of emotional eating, Diet Doc offers a comprehensive weight loss system, specifically geared to address the causes of emotional eating while also offering powerful diet aids and weight loss services to produce dramatic weight loss for those in need.

The root cause of emotional eating can be difficult to address, as hormones play an intricate role in the act, making it often addicting to consume food to satisfy stress hormones. The main hormones that cause emotional eating are serotonin and dopamine.

Many may falsely believe that emotional eating is simply a lack of willpower; however, imbalances in these key hormones make resisting the urge to eat during stressful situations nearly impossible for many. To help balance these crucial hormones which cause emotional eating, Diet Doc offers a unique combination of powerful diet aids and a doctor supervised, medically sound weight loss plan proven to help control the urge to overeat and help patients around the country lose weight quickly.

Diet Doc offers a comprehensive weight loss system to address both facets of weight loss, enabling access to powerful diet aids that help maximize the body's ability to burn fat, and doctor supervision to address the human component of weight loss.

To help balance hormones credited with causing emotional eating, Diet Doc offers powerful diet aids like Neuro Balance, which helps balance key neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine with ingredients like 5-HTP and Theanine. Neuro Balance also contains two proven-powerful herbal ingredients, Chinese Skullcap and Asian Ginseng, both established to help with mood and stress. When used in combination with the Diet Doc diet plan, diet aids like Neuro balance offer an important component to the company's comprehensive approach to weight loss, taking the edge off emotional eating and counteracting the internal mechanisms that cause emotional eating.

The Diet Doc weight loss system does not simply treat the symptoms of weight gain. The comprehensive approach to weight loss addresses the underlying causes of weight gain. In addition to providing powerful diet aids to help control causes like emotional eating, Diet Doc provides full medical supervision for all patients, using doctor consultations to address the remaining causes of weight gain for each patient.

In order to maximize weight loss, Diet Doc offers unlimited clinical evaluations for every patient, done easily from the patient's own home. The Diet Doc physicians and nutritionists use this information to design a custom diet plan based on each patient's age, bodily function, health, and long term goals. The end result is not simply a diet, it is a comprehensive weight loss system that addresses the underlying causes of weight gain, not just the symptoms.

Patients across the country can consult with a licensed doctor via telephone conference or Skype, and receive a comprehensive evaluation, prescription Diet Doc medications like Neuro Balance, and unlimited diet support, not only for the duration of the diet, but up to a year after the diet has ended.

This type of comprehensive service is unmatched in the diet community and exemplifies Diet Doc's commitment to producing lasting weight loss to those most in need, and teaching patients how to keep weight off for a future of improved, disease free living.

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