Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital Treats Cancer in Pets

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Jan. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital treats cancer in small animals. Cancer is the number one cause of death for older dogs and the second leading cause of death in senior cats. Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital offers a variety of treatments for pet cancer including chemotherapy, tumor reduction and removal, and laser ablation.

According to Reid Shufer, D.V.M. of Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital, medical treatment of pet cancer has become more advanced in recent years. "Many years ago, a cancer diagnosis was equivalent to a death sentence. Thankfully, veterinary science has developed treatments that have proven successful in treating various forms of pet cancer."

Early detection of pet cancer also plays a critical role in the treatment of small animals. "The earlier we can detect cancer, the better chance we have of defeating the ugly disease," said Dr. Shufer. "We can develop an individualized plan for treatment depending on the type of cancer detected. We use a variety of means to make our diagnosis including a physical exam, patient history, as well as blood, urine, and imaging tests. All of these give us important information about the pet's condition and allows us to choose the tools we have including surgery and chemotherapy to ensure a positive outcome for the animal."

In addition to diagnostic testing, Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital also uses a biopsy to determine the nature of a pet's tumor. During a biopsy, Dr. Shufer removes a small portion of tissue from the affected area and sends it to an outside lab for evaluation. According to Dr. Shufer, this is a valuable tool in reaching an accurate diagnosis. "It takes a few days for the results of the biopsy to come back, but they are very important. The information we get from the lab tells us whether a tumor is benign or malignant, which in turn informs our treatment plan. A benign tumor often responds favorably to surgical removal, whereas, a malignant growth will require a more aggressive combination of treatments."

Signs of cancer in pets include abnormal growths, sores that will not heal, bleeding and unusual discharge, and unexplained weight loss. Other symptoms such as offensive odors or difficulty eating or swallowing are also signs of cancer that can sometimes be mistaken for a minor problem like a dental issue. An experienced veterinarian can correctly diagnose these symptoms.

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