Companion Care Veterinary Hospital Reminds Clients of the Importance of Pet Wellness Exams

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Companion Care Veterinary Hospital is honoring the New Year by reminding clients about the importance of bringing their pets in to the veterinarian for regular wellness checkups. Dr. Michalena Satowski and her staff have stepped up efforts to ensure that dogs, cats and other pets are brought in by their owners for checkups in 2016. “For most pets, we recommend annual wellness exams,” said Dr. Satowski. “Older pets and pets with chronic conditions should ideally come in every six months,” she added.

Because pets age more quickly than humans, a single annual visit for them is equivalent to a human visiting the doctor once every five to seven years. During the 12 months that pass between checkups, pets can develop various conditions. Many times, warning signs begin early and may be detected during such exams. If so, they are often easier to treat in the early stages than they are down the line.

Another reason that the veterinarian and her staff urge pet owners to have their pets examined at least once a year is because pets have no way to express pain or to convey to their owners that something is amiss with their health. “Many times, by the time a pet is clearly ailing, they have been suffering for some time,” said Dr. Satowski.

Wellness exams at Companion Care Veterinary Hospital include a complete nose-to-tail inspection of the pet. Using tools like stethoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes, Dr. Satowski checks pets’ ears, lungs, hearts and eyes as well as vital signs like respiration and pulse. Various tests are performed to further check on a pet’s well-being, including blood tests that check for infection and anemia; urine tests that assess kidney function, check for urinary tract infections and for signs of conditions like diabetes; and stool sample tests that check for parasites.

Dr. Satowski and the staff at Companion Care Veterinary Hospital also use these checkups to speak to pet owners about their pets’ behavior, diet and overall health. While examining a pet, the veterinarian checks for lumps and growths and examines the joints, nails and skin for signs of illness and disease. Pet owners are also asked if they have noticed any changes in their pets’ behavior since the last time they visited the hospital. “We can’t stress the importance of regular wellness exams for pets enough,” said Dr. Satowski. “We often detect the early signs of various conditions during such checkups and are often able to intervene early enough to ward off further complications,” she added. When pets receive a clean bill of health, pet owners can rest easy in the knowledge that their cat, dog or other pet is doing well.

Companion Care Veterinary Hospital is located in San Diego and serves pets throughout the metropolitan area. Pet owners can set up wellness exams by calling the clinic at (858) 451-0990.

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