Kovesdy Family Eyecare Provides Complete Array of Eye Care Services

WESTLAKE, Ohio, Jan. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kovesdy Family Eyecare of Westlake, OH, has renewed its efforts to encourage local residents to make their eye and vision health a top priority in 2016. "Most people are fairly conscientious about going to their primary care physicians for annual checkups," said Dr. Jeffrey Kovesdy. "All too often, though, they hold off on seeing an optometrist until they are experiencing serious vision problems. Our goal this year is to raise awareness about the importance of annual eye exams and to remind folks that we offer a compete lineup of eye care services," he added.

A full-service optometry office, Kovesdy Family Eyecare offers basic and advanced eye care services. Although the practice does not have an eye surgeon on staff, Dr. Kovesdy and his team are available for pre- and post-operative consultations and care. "We have connections with some of the top eye surgeons in the area," said the optometrist, "and we can refer patients to surgeons who can most capably address their needs." For many patients, knowing that they can come in prior to surgery and after surgery is very reassuring. "It's nice for patients to work with familiar faces when dealing with eye surgery," added the doctor.

The optometrist and his team have noticed that younger people only tend to come in when they need new contacts or glasses. Many times, they don't bother coming in for annual eye exams. The optometrist and his team strive to change this. "No matter how old you are, the benefits of routine eye exams are enormous," said Dr. Kovesdy. "Such exams may reveal the very first signs of a condition that is easy to treat in its early stages," he added. During such exams, the doctor tests patients for conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. When such conditions are caught early, they are often much easier to treat.

Kovesdy Family Eyecare also offers special services for athletes. Sports vision testing goes beyond a typical eye exam and includes contrast sensitivity testing and ocular alignment tests, which assess how well eyes work together. In this way, sports vision testing checks an athlete's hand-eye coordination, depth perception, eye tracking and other capabilities. If issues are detected, an athlete's corrective lenses prescription may be updated to provide them with clearer vision that will enhance their performance.

The optometry office also has a full selection of contact lenses and frames, and the doctor and his team provide fitting services to ensure that patients receive the best corrective lenses possible. Treatment for computer vision syndrome, which is an increasingly common problem, is also available, and the office has a full lineup of sunglasses that include protection against UVA and UVB rays as well as polarization that addresses issues with glare.

Kovesdy Family Eyecare is located in Westlake. Local residents are encouraged to schedule initial consultations by calling (440) 455-1160.

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