O'Dell Family Chiropractic to Hold "Waist Loss" Weight Loss Program Beginning February 1, 2016

WEBSTER & ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- O’Dell Family Chiropractic announced that the practice will be beginning a four-week “Waist Loss” weight loss program on Monday, February 1, 2016. The program, hosted by Dr. Norman O’Dell and Kathryn Gray, will be held at O’Dell Family Chiropractic’s two practice locations in Webster, NY, and Rochester - Henrietta/Brighton, NY. The weight loss program uses a low glycemic diet to keep blood stable in the fat burning cycle. As a result, Dr. O’Dell says that patients tend to lose most of their weight on the waist, one of the more difficult parts for weight loss. Past patients who participated in the weight loss program have lost up to 50% of the weight on their waists. There is still space available and the practice encourages all those who are interested to register.

Dr. Norman O’Dell and the O’Dell Family Chiropractic team are beginning a weight loss program to educate patients about the benefits of a low-glycemic diet for sustained fat burning and weight loss. Patients who follow the diet lose up to 50% of their weight off their waists, reports Dr. O’Dell. “Our weight loss program is unique because it emphasizes a low-glycemic diet for sustained and steady fat burning,” said Dr. O’Dell. “By keeping blood sugar stable, this also stabilizes the fat burning cycle. Calories are burned for energy rather than being stored as fat. Past patients have had significant success losing weight on this program. We are excited to kick-off our new 4-week weight loss program on February 1.”

Dr. O’Dell is encouraging all those who could lose some weight to attend the seminar and learn more about why this program is so effective. “Reducing large fluctuations is essential to blood sugar stabilization and limiting insulin release,” said Dr. O’Dell. “Insulin is a key regulator of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Insulin promotes the storage of fat by allowing the cells to absorb glucose. This leads to weight gain and increase the risk for diabetes and heart disease. That’s why this program is more than just a diet: it helps patients get fit and reduce the risk for chronic health problems, too.”

The chiropractor advocates eating unprocessed or under-processed types of grains, such as steel-cut oats for breakfast, as well as non-starchy vegetables and stone fruits, which have a lower glycemic index. Dieters should avoid concentrated fruit juices, sugar-sweetened drinks, and refined grain products like pasta.

“Our weight loss program takes the guesswork out of what is a low-glycemic food and what’s not,” said Dr. O’Dell. “We work closely with each patient and provide the necessary support for sustained change and weight loss.”

O’Dell Family Chiropractic offers this upcoming program at its practice locations in Webster, NY, and Rochester - Henrietta/Brighton, NY. The practice offers comprehensive chiropractic care, spinal decompression therapy, pain management, auto accident injury treatment, work injury and personal injury care. For more information, visit www.odellfamilychiro.com.

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Source: O'Dell Family Chiropractic