StayWell Chiropractic Promoting Premier New Year Detox Program

NOVI, Mich., Jan. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The staff at StayWell Chiropractic is offering an exciting new detoxification program to residents in the Novi area, to help jump start 2016 and take control of their health and wellbeing in the new year. This program can offer profound benefits for physical and emotional wellbeing to support personal, professional and health-related goals for 2016 and beyond.

The New Year is traditionally a time when people resolve to make changes, recover from holiday season over-indulgence, and pledge to make improvements in their routine and lifestyle to achieve personal, professional, financial, spiritual, and health goals. StayWell Chiropractic incorporates the detoxification program created by Metagenics to assist and support patients.

The goal of StayWell Chiropractic is to help as many Novi, Michigan, residents to make 2016 their healthiest and best year yet. The Metagenics detox program is designed to eliminate toxins that have built up in organs and systems such as the liver, kidneys, colon and lymphatic system.

Anyone who has been feeling tired, lethargic or suffering from a general lack of energy could be a candidate for this cleanse and detox program. Chronically sore muscles, difficulty concentrating, irritability, moodiness, insomnia, and waking up un-refreshed are some of the signs toxins have built up in the body.

Other symptoms that indicate a need for a detox program include bloating, weight gain, digestive or intestinal discomfort, or the inability to shed stubborn pounds. The Metagenics metabolic detoxification program offers a healthy way to reboot the digestive system and act as a kick-off for a weight loss, diet and/or fitness plan for the New Year.

The Metagenics Clear Change Detoxification Program includes medically selected food, optimized dietary supplements, a shaker cup for easy serving, healthy recipes, an easy-to-follow program guide, a free webinar invitation, and ongoing online support. The program will also be overseen by Dr. Amy Olson of StayWell Chiropractic, who will personally help to ensure the best results possible for each participant.

This detox program lasts 10 days and is followed by 30 days of liver and kidney support. A super-charged probiotic that assists in restoring the “good” bacteria to the gut, boosting the immune system and improving digestive health is also included. Dr. Amy Olson shares, “Most participants lose 2 to 15 pounds during the 10 day initial program. Best of all, they are free of toxins and ready to reach their personal, professional and health goals for the coming year." She also states that this program is the perfect opportunity for someone who has never before completed a detox or liver cleanse.

StayWell Chiropractic is located at 42040 Grand River Avenue in Novi, Michigan. Those in the Novi area and surrounding communities may find out more about this innovative detoxification program by calling (248) 513-3100. The public is also invited to visit the StayWell Chiropractic website for more details about their New Year detox program and other services.

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