Town & Country Animal Hospital Believes in the Importance of Pet Dental Care Year-Round

OCALA, Fla., Jan. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- February is Pet Dental Month, but it’s necessary to understand the importance of year-round dental care for every pet. For pet owners, pet dental care is often an overlooked concern, but there are countless problems that can arise for a pet with poor oral hygiene, and it’s not just bad breath either. In order for clients to ensure their pets have the best dental care possible, Town & Country Animal Hospital wants our clients to know what the risks are, how to care for their pet, and what warning signs to watch for.

Much like humans, cats and dogs can experience tooth decay, plaque and cavities. Not only can this be extremely painful for pets, but it can also represent a real threat to their health. Dental problems can also lead to heart, kidney and liver problems. Often, harmful bacteria can get into a pet’s blood stream and cause disturbances throughout a pet’s body. There is much our clients can do directly from home to help prevent dental diseases, including regularly brushing of their pet’s teeth. Pet owners should try to brush their pet’s teeth daily, but a few times a week is also effective.

Town & Country Animal Hospital encourages our clients to watch out for warning signs of dental problems. Issues like bad breath, broken teeth, excessive drooling, blood in the mouth, reduced appetite, and swelling in the gums are all signs that pet owners should bring their pet to a veterinarian to have their teeth cleaned and checked out. Many times, pets will also show they are in pain, so owners should remain vigilant all year round for these signs.

“I believe in the importance of regular dental care at home and preventative dental cleanings at a vet’s office,” said Dr. Kelly Culbertson. “It’s proven that these are the most effective strategies for maintaining a pet’s oral hygiene year after year.”

By the age of three, most cats and dogs will show some signs of gum disease, which is the most common dental problem for pets. If preventative steps aren’t taken, this disease will only worsen over the years.

While there is much pet owners can do to prevent oral diseases for their pets, a regular checkup and cleaning is key for a pet’s long-term oral health. This will help reduce tartar build up, prevent gum disease, and also help reverse tooth damage that may already be present.

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