White Oaks Veterinary Clinic Offering Expert Dermatology Services to Combat Pet Allergens

EDMOND, Okla., Jan. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- White Oaks Veterinary Clinic is raising awareness about the importance of pet dermatology, specifically allergic dermatology and flea allergic dermatology. The goal is to assist pets in Edmond, Oklahoma and the surrounding communities to become comfortable and free of the skin issues and symptoms that can be caused by fleas, biting insects and other allergens.

Pet allergies and reactions to fleas and pests are more common than most pet owners realize. Some of the symptoms associated with pet allergies include frequent itching, biting or scratching at the skin as well as signs of general discomfort. These symptoms can indicate that a pet is suffering from a skin condition that could very well be caused by an allergic reaction.

White Oaks Veterinary Clinic offers expert veterinary dermatology services to help treat and assist pets in overcoming skin conditions caused by allergies and other issues. Their approach is to provide immediate relief from symptoms in order to get pets comfortable while also addressing the underlying cause(s) of the discomfort.

The veterinarians at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic have a broad range of experience in diagnosing pet allergies and treating skin conditions. Using advanced diagnostics, skin issues related to fleas or other allergens can be rapidly diagnosed and treated using a customized protocol that embodies the most effective processes.

Many pets are allergic to flea bites and can have a severe reaction even by having contact with fleas. Flea allergies can lead to itching and scratching which can in turn lead to skin infections if unchecked. Left untreated, these infections can become quite serious and severe. Allergic dermatology and flea allergic dermatology are areas of expertise at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic, allowing pets to receive assistance in becoming comfortable more rapidly.

White Oaks Veterinary Clinic is committed to helping pet owners avoid the dangerous complications of flea allergy dermatitis. Year-round flea prevention and protection is also available for both indoor and outdoor pets to help minimize reoccurrences of these allergic reactions. Other allergies and skin conditions diagnosed and treated include atopic dermatitis (pet seasonal allergies), bacterial infections and food allergies.

Dr. Jennifer Bianchi explains, “We have a significant amount of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of pet allergies. If you notice frequent itching, scratching and related symptoms or you suspect your pet has an allergy, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Our diagnostics and treatment options can have your pet feeling better in no time.”

White Oaks Veterinary Clinic is located at 131 West Waterloo Road in Edmond, Oklahoma. Those in the public who are looking for more information about pet allergies and the veterinary services offered by White Oaks Veterinary Clinic can learn more by calling (405) 330-0676. Clients and interested parties may also visit the White Oaks Veterinary Clinic website.

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