Mobile CRM Access on Showroom Floor Supports More Sales for Dealerships

Tualatin, OR, Feb. 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imagine a busy Saturday afternoon for a dealership showroom or lot. The picture that comes to mind is likely a bit chaotic – salespeople running from customer to customer, scrambling to answer questions and make every customer feel welcomed and important. It’s easy to understand that these hardworking staff members could be a bit forgetful on days like these. In the chaos, he or she may miss an opportunity to take down a note on a potential customer and the unit they were interested in.

Duke Blount, General Manager at Opelika RV in Opelika, Alabama, doesn’t have to worry about this problem. With Dealership Performance CRM’s mobile platform, his sales staff can log every person who steps through the door in seconds using their phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

“I might miss 20-25% more prospects without the mobile platform,” Blount says.

Dealership Performance CRM’s mobile platform allows dealership sales team members to leave their desks and spend the afternoon selling to customers face to face, without needing to worry about losing a sticky note. It also creates an easy way for salespeople to secure leads while out to dinner or at a trade show – anywhere they have a mobile device with them.

“My salespeople don’t forget to enter customers into the CRM because it’s a quick tool to use straight on their phones. They are reminded later to go back in and edit each prospect fully on the computer,” Blount explains.

While Dealership Performance CRM also serves the powersports, marine, truck, and equipment industries, Blount was one of the first RV dealers to sign on with the tool, and appreciates its simple functionality for his dealership’s needs. “The team did a really good job of putting our tool together specifically for an RV dealership, rather than make shifting a tool meant for an auto dealer.”

Blount says that in his experience and compared to other dealers he’s talked to, CRM mobile functionality isn’t an incredibly common feature. CRM tools that do have it are not nearly as easy to use. “DP360 is simplified and straight forward,” he says. And with a 25% higher chance that a potential sale will be fulfilled, Blount and his team have good reason to rely on Dealership Performance CRM’s mobile platform for increased profitability every day. 800.516.1768

Source: Dealership Performance CRM