Feast at the Big Game and Still Lose Weight Fast with New Prescription Hormone Treatments from Diet Doc

DES MOINES, Iowa, Feb. 3, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The big game has grown into a nationwide event, drawing millions of television viewers every year. For many watchers, the football game isn't the main event, as big game feasts can be as exciting as catching the action on the field. While most other weight loss providers strictly forbid big game snacking, Diet Doc offers a medically supervised weight loss plan bolstered with prescription hormone treatments that allows dieters to feast and calorie load for two consecutive days to actually boost fast weight loss.

The body, especially when dieting perpetually, can become metabolically sluggish. For this reason, many people beginning a fast weight loss plan can actually benefit from consuming as many as 3000 calories for two days before beginning the diet. This is called "calorie loading" and it can help boost the metabolism and prevent the body from entering starvation mode during the low calorie phase of the Diet Doc diet plan.

Because each Diet Doc fast weight loss plan is medically supervised, each client begins with a doctor consultation to evaluate the proper diet plan for each person, depending on the client's individual factors like lingering health concerns, physical limitations, and proper calorie consumption. This initial consultation is done from the client's own home, via Skype or telephone call, and allows the Diet Doc licensed doctor to evaluate each client before prescribing potent weight loss aids, including prescription hormone treatments and prescription diet aids like appetite suppressants and metabolic boosters.
Dirt Doc's prescription hormone treatments, coupled with the company's unique approach to low calorie dieting help clients regularly lose as much as 20 pounds per month, safely and consistently. All prescription hormone treatments and prescription weight loss aids are closely monitored by the company's licensed doctors, and each client is afforded unlimited doctor consultations for the duration of the fast weight loss plan, and for six months after discontinuing the plan.
Each prescription hormone treatment and prescription weight loss aid is manufactured in a United States based, FDA approved compounding pharmacy and delivered directly to the client's door, arriving with a certificate of purity so origin and efficacy is never a concern.

Interested dieters are encouraged to contact Diet Doc directly by telephone at 888-934-4451, and schedule a consultation with a licensed doctor. The big game is only a few days away, but it is never too late to begin a medically supervised weight loss plan. Only Diet Doc lets you feast at the big game and actually increase fast weight loss as a result.

Unlike competing prescription hormone diet plans, Diet Doc offers unlimited access to their staff of professional weight loss doctors, nutritionists and experts, six days per week. The company understands the struggles of weight loss and what a life-altering journey it is. The company thus makes staff available to answer any and all patient questions and concerns, adjust the individualized nutrition plan, or supplement weight loss with proprietary diet aids.
Call Diet Doc today and talk to a licensed doctor about truly effective weight loss.

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