Perspecta Trust Hires Former New Hampshire Banking Commissioner

HAMPTON, N.H., Feb. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Perspecta Trust announced today that it has hired Glenn Perlow as Vice President, Government Affairs to work in its Hampton, New Hampshire headquarters.

Mr. Perlow earned his JD degree in 1997 and began his law career at the McLane Law Firm. Subsequent to his work in private practice as a business attorney, Mr. Perlow joined New Hampshire’s Attorney General’s office as a Senior Assistant Attorney General. Choosing to remain in the public sector following his time with the Attorney General’s office, Mr. Perlow joined the New Hampshire Banking Department as General Counsel and then Deputy Bank Commissioner, before being named the State’s Bank Commissioner in 2013.

In his new role with Perspecta, Mr. Perlow will concentrate his energies on interfacing with industry and regulatory constituencies. In addition to his Perspecta Trust duties, Glenn has also been asked to serve as the new Executive Director of the New Hampshire Trust Council. In this capacity, Glenn will coordinate the ongoing directives of the Council by working with industry participants on fostering the growth of the state’s trust and trust company activities.

Perspecta Trust’s President, Scott Baker, states that “Given the increasing complexity of our business, and the need to work in a cooperative fashion with the various constituencies of the State, we are delighted to have Glenn join us to help us facilitate this process.” With respect to Mr. Perlow’s role with the New Hampshire Trust Council, Baker adds, “The Trust Council, working with the State’s legislature and executive branch, has helped make New Hampshire one of the premier trust jurisdictions within the US. Our goal, under Glenn’s leadership, is to separate New Hampshire from the pack, by establishing the State as ’the’ leading trust jurisdiction nationally. We plan to do so by continuing to propose and implement legislation that makes it clear to all that New Hampshire is the state in which families should be placing their family’s trusts.”

About Perspecta: Perspecta Trust is a NH-based non-depository trust company that provides investment management, wealth transfer planning, and a full-range of trustee and other fiduciary services. Perspecta oversees in excess of $8 billion in assets across a few dozen families, and specializes in designing and implementing tailored wealth planning solutions to these ultra-high net worth families. Perspecta works directly with families to serve their needs, or in concert with their existing advisors and family office staff. For more information on Perspecta Trust, please visit or call 603-929-2700.

Source:Perspecta Trust LLC