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Cramer game plan: Beware this falling knife

Cramer game plan: Beware! A falling knife group

Jim Cramer could only encapsulate Friday's stock market with one sentence — Calm down.

It will always pay to think before action is taken, especially when dealing with high-growth technology stocks, which were the latest stocks to be pulverized.

"Understand that this is one of those sell-offs that is both creating bargains and crushing you, and I want you to know that this, too, shall pass," the "Mad Money" host said.

The damage of the sell-off hit individual stocks hard and Cramer does not think they have found a bottom yet. The carnage started at LinkedIn and Tableau Software and spread all the way to Salesforce and Adobe.

High-growth tech stocks have become the target on the stock market shooting range, because of Tableau and LinkedIn. In its latest conference call, LinkedIn confirmed that the world is slowing. Investors immediately responded by assuming the entire Internet could be saturated and selling the stocks.

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"You have earnings risk that I think isn't that great, and you have price risk. Meaning, whether these funds are done selling, that's something we just don't know," Cramer said.

Cramer explained further by elaborating on which stocks and events he will be watching next week:

Monday: Yelp
Cramer considers Yelp to be a good company, but some companies, like Google, have completely crushed it. He worried that the stock is expensive and doesn't have enough momentum right now. It's in no-man's land with LinkedIn. 

Tuesday: Coca-Cola, Disney
Disney: The bear has had Disney's stock in its grips. And if investors can stand the pain, Cramer considers it to be a buy on the idea that it will be a different play in five years.

Wednesday: Twitter
"How do you value a social, mobile, cloud play that is slowing? LinkedIn showed you. Unless Twitter re-accelerates or puts itself up for sale, I don't know how it can go higher," Cramer said.

Thursday: Kellogg, Molson Coors, PepsiCo, Zillow
Zillow is another social, mobile and cloud play that Cramer has a hard time valuing. When it reports on Thursday, Cramer isn't sure it even matters what it says. Any weak metric could take it down.

"Right now there is no price anyone seems to want to own these tech stocks," Cramer.

However, Cramer wants investors to remember that these high-growth tech companies are indeed solid and profitable. They aren't one-trick pony biotechs or oil companies losing money. Right now is a vicious bear market for high-growth stocks. 

"Until then, they are falling knives and unless you're a butcher block, I would stay away from the kitchen until gravity runs its course," Cramer said.

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