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Will Ferrell on Trump's 'amazing' hair, 'cuddle bear' Cruz

Is fashion world ready for Zoolander?

Actor Will Ferrell talked to CNBC about reprising his role as the villainous fashion mogul "Mugatu" in the new Zoolander movie, as well as U.S. politics and…Donald Trump's hair.

Ferrell, speaking to CNBC with co-star Kristen Wiig who plays a heavily-botoxed fashionista in the film and Mugatu's love interest, joked that their on-screen relationship in the film had been hard to film.

"It was very passionate, there were many takes, many people were reacting in many different ways to our on-screen kiss, many people were mortified, a lot of the crew left," he said.

Will Ferrell comments on Donald's hair.
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Reflecting on the wider backdrop of campaigning going on in the U.S. for both the Democrats and Republicans to elect their presidential candidates, Ferrell reflected on two of the Republican candidates, arch rivals Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

"Donald Trump has amazing hair," Ferrell said, "He could do any of the characters (in the movie) and Ted Cruz is just a riot, he's just a little cuddle bear. I think he is just a card," Ferrell said.

Ferrell was speaking to CNBC in London about his new film Zoolander No. 2, a sequel to the movie on the absurdities of the fashion world – replete with bouffant hairstyles and outrageous outfits—which also stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Justin Theroux (who co-wrote the film) and Ferrell in lead roles.

Theroux, who co-wrote the film, told CNBC that it was a perfect way to poke fun at the fashion world.

"We're poking fun at the absurdity and over-the-topness of fashion and there were times when I think we could've pumped it a little more." He also joked about running for president, saying he was "smarter than the competition.