Churn Creek Chiropractic Raising Awareness and Offering Solutions for Acute and Chronic Neck Pain Caused by Technology Use

REDDING, Calif., Feb. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Churn Creek Chiropractic is making strides to assist Redding, California, and surrounding area clients in Happy Valley, Bella Vista, Anderson, Centerville and Shasta County, Palo Cerdro, Shasta Lake City, Weed, Cottonwood, Red Bluff about the possible discomforts of computer use to the neck and back. Improper posture and a lack of ergonomics can cause progressive damage over time, but chiropractic treatments along with auxiliary modalities like massage therapy can make a tremendous difference in health and overall wellbeing.

Modern technology brings with it a range of benefits, but it has also led to a range of health problems and associated chronic pain in the neck and back. Daily and extended use of computers, cell phones and tablets along with poor posture can lead to strain and eventual degeneration of the neck and spine, especially if ergonomics are not taken into consideration in one’s work space or user style.

Churn Creek Chiropractic employs a range of state of the art techniques for restoring and maintaining neck and spinal health. Palmer Technique based-manual adjustments along with x-rays facilitate spinal adjustments for the topmost cervical area of the neck vertebrae. Once misalignments in this area are corrected, the rest of the spine often falls into place. Churn Creek Chiropractic also offers the Diversified Technique, Gonstead Technique for range of motion, Flexion Distraction to resolve bulging discs, Activator Therapy, and Electric Muscle Stimulation for pain relief, improved mobility and reduced muscle spasms.

Massage therapy is an integral part of the Churn Creek Chiropractic holistic approach and is used to complement chiropractic techniques and modalities. Massage can reduce stress while improving blood flow, reducing muscle spasms and improving range of motion. Regular massages can assist in offsetting the stresses of technology use.

Churn Creek Chiropractic also advises clients in making lifestyle and workspace changes in order to facilitate improved posture and ergonomics. With pressure on the neck and spine is reduced, sustainable comfort and ongoing health is facilitated.

Dr. Donovan Hutchings explains, “Many practitioners of traditional medicine prescribe medications in order to mask pain. We disagree with this approach and instead strive to locate the cause and heal pain and subluxation at the root. Our treatments are personalized to each client based upon their precise injury to target the source of the issue. We also assist clients with making lifestyle changes to help prevent problems from technology use in the future.”

Churn Creek Chiropractic is located in Suite C at 3749 Churn Creek Road in Redding, California. They service clients in the Redding, Happy Valley, Bella Vista, Anderson, Centerville, Palo Cedro, Cottonwood, Red Bluff, Shasta Lake City and surrounding Shasta County areas. Those who wish to learn more about preventing strain and degeneration while using devices like computers, tablets and smartphones may do so by calling (530) 221-4991 or by visiting the Churn Creek Chiropractic website.

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