Murrieta Family Pet Hospital Raising Awareness About the Significance of Preventative Care in Ongoing Health for Pets

MURRIETA, Calif., Feb. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Murrieta Family Pet Hospital is making a concerted effort to raise awareness in pet owners about the value of preventative care for pet longevity and quality of life. Areas such as nutrition, exercise and attention to dental health play a major role in the well being of animals. Regular visits to the vet are also key in finding and addressing illnesses and issues while they are still manageable.

The mission statement of Dr. Lenette Telles and Murrieta Family Pet Hospital is to provide the highest level of pet medical care with fair prices to each and every client to help pets live a long happy life. To this end, Murrieta Family Pet Hospital offers the option of breaking up the cost of preventative care through packages that feature low monthly payments. They aspire to develop long lasting relationships with clients through excellent service, open communication and continued education.

The facilities at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital are outfitted with a dental suite that allows for dental radiographs to be included in every professional pet dental cleaning. Vaccines, heartworm tests, blood work and radiographs are just some of the preventative care services that are available. There is a separate surgical suite where most types of soft tissue surgery are performed. If orthopedic surgery is needed, an orthopedic surgeon is brought in to perform the surgical procedure.

Murrieta Family Pet Hospital stays on top of the latest innovations and advances in veterinarian technology, procedures and practices. Loving care and attention is also a key ingredient in a successful veterinary practice, and Dr. Lenette Telles and her staff make sure that every check-up, procedure and surgery features this important component.

Murrieta Family Pet Hospital considers themselves passionate about preventative care and place a premium on creating a low-stress environment for both the animal and their owner. The hospital is cat-friendly and features a professional, caring team committed to both keeping pets healthy and educating clients on how to promote year-round good health. They also work closely with Feline Underground Rescue and Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue.

Dr. Lenette Telles explains, “I became aware of the impact of the human-animal bond at an early age, and I know firsthand how our lives are enriched by family pets. I have a passion for raising the quality of life of animals through preventative care and keeping it high through ongoing education provided to clients.”

Murrieta Family Pet Hospital is located in suites 105 and 106 at 23771 Washington Avenue in Murrieta, California. Those in the public who would like to learn more about the services offered by Dr. Lenette Telles and Murrieta Family Pet Hospital may do so by calling (951) 595-7754. Interested parties may also visit the Murrieta Family Pet Hospital website.

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