Twin Oaks Urgent Care Calling Attention to the Importance of Annual Physical Exams

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas, Feb. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Twin Oaks Urgent Care clinic serving the city of Friendswood and surrounding areas is beginning 2016 with a goal of alerting residents to the importance of receiving an annual physical examination. Prevention is foundational to ongoing health, and finding health issues at early stages is facilitated through yearly physical exams so that they can be addressed before they progress.

Physical exams are also a requirement for a number of jobs, roles and activities. School physicals, camp physicals, pre-employment physicals, medical insurance physicals and department of transportation examinations are just some examples of situations where an annual physical is required.

The requirement of a physical exam by an employer, educational institution or other organization is used as a safeguard to help ensure the individual is healthy and to protect against liability connected with pre-existing health conditions. Physical exams are also an important part of ongoing wellness for children and adults at any phase of life.

Dr. Cuong Pham, MD explains, “A physical exam can assist with uncovering health conditions that might otherwise put the individual at risk while performing certain activities. An annual physical can verify that someone is in good health or find evidence of conditions they may not have been aware of. Previously undetected conditions can be exposed, allowing treatment to be sought and received during its earliest stages.”

Early detection and discovery is key to ongoing health and the ability to prevent conditions from getting worse. Physical exams can detect slight or subtle changes in metabolism or other bodily functions that could be indicators of more serious issues and imminent health challenges.

In addition to uncovering illnesses in early stages, regular physical exams can also assist with monitoring changes in the body as an individual ages. From finding changes in bone density that could lead to arthritis or osteoporosis to detecting blood glucose issues or problems with the heart and circulatory system, early detection in these areas is empowering.

Physical exams, it should be noted, are different from healthcare screenings. Healthcare screenings include procedures like mammograms, prostate exams, diabetic screenings and cholesterol tests. Such screenings help to monitor a specific physical aspect, process or function, while a physical exam offers a more general assessment of overall health. Ideally, physical exams should be sought once per year. Most medical professionals agree that an annual physical exam is an excellent way to stay on top of potential health problems and maintain good health for years to come.

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