Watts Chiropractic Clinic of Georgia Offering Innovative Chiropractic Technique for Relief From Chronic Ear Infections

CUMMING, Ga., Feb. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Watts Chiropractic Clinic wants to make residents aware of a technique that can bring fast relief to both children and adults who suffer from chronic ear infections. With the use of a targeted upper cervical adjustment technique called Orthospinology, many ear issues are resolved within a week after treatment.

Orthospinology is a specialty chiropractic technique focusing on the upper cervical region of the spine. Orthospinology, sometimes referred to as the Grostic technique, targets the first bone of the neck called the atlas vertebrae. The goal is to restore the atlas bone to be perpendicular (orthogonal) between the second spinal bone (axis) and the skull for optimal posture and health.

The first (atlas) bone of the spine is central for alignment of the entire spinal column. With this bone in proper alignment, the rest of the vertebrae “falls in line” and can retain a proper formation. The small atlas bone weighs just 2 ounces, yet supports the weight of the head, which is an average of 11 pounds. Alignment of the atlas bone also relates to aspects of health within the neck, head, jaw and ears.

The atlas vertebrae can become misaligned in a number of ways, including from chronic poor posture, lifting heavy objects improperly, or by sleeping in an awkward position. It can also be jarred out of alignment from a fall, a blow to the head or an auto accident.

When the atlas or any portion of the spine becomes misaligned, the body will try to compensate by altering neck and back muscles as well as other spinal vertebrae in response. This can result in excess pressure on some muscles and nerves, causing, spasms, subluxation (pinched nerves), tissue inflammation and other disruptions. Atlas subluxation puts pressure on the brain stem, altering the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and the nervous system. Pain and dysfunction can erupt in adjacent areas of the body, including within the ears.

Restoring proper atlas positioning is accomplished through a precise percussive wave that is directed to realign it. This vibration is painless; no cracking or twisting required. Each adjustment is customized to the client’s specific needs, and the procedure is safe and gentle enough for children.

Dr. Forrest Watts explains, “Many chronic ear infections are directly related to misalignment of the axis vertebrae. Our specialized Orthospinology adjustment technique can often help the issue to resolve in a week or less.

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