White Oaks Veterinary Clinic Announces New Equine Regulation to Impact Horse Shows

EDMOND, Okla., Feb. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new ruling from the USEF will impact 2016 horse shows in the hope of reducing outbreaks of rhinopneumonitis, reports White Oaks Veterinary Clinic. This new ruling, the GR845 Equine Vaccination Rule, is to be enforced in 2016 to stop the spread of this potentially deadly disease. This new vaccine to combat rhinopneumonitis is available at the White Oaks Veterinary Clinic along with related equine services. Horses must be vaccinated within a six month period before entering a stable. Horses that are not compliant may not be allowed to remain on competition grounds.

According to GR845, as applied to all Federation licensed competitions, “horses entering the grounds must be accompanied by documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within six months prior to entering the stables.” Exhibitors must provide documentation when a vaccination is performed by a veterinarian, including the name of the vaccine administered and the date of administration. If the vaccination is done by someone other than a veterinarian, a receipt of the vaccine purchase is required with the appropriate signature of the owner or agent of the horse and the name, serial number, vaccine expiration date, and vaccine administration date. Alternative options may be considered if the horse cannot be vaccinated. In such a scenario, Competition Management requires a detailed letter and a continued log of temperatures taken prior to and while on the competition grounds.

“It is imperative to keep on top of appropriate and timely equine care,” said Dr. Jennifer Bianchi. “As an experienced veterinarian, I know the importance of keeping vaccinations up to date to decrease the possibility of communicating a contagious disease. This new ruling helps reduce the possibility of a rhinopneumonitis outbreak, protecting horses and horse owners from the impact of this preventable but potentially deadly virus. This simple vaccination will provide horse owners additional peace of mind and allow their horses to compete at upcoming 2016 horse shows.”

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