II-VI Incorporated to Present a Broad Portfolio of Products at SPIE Photonics West 2016

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- II-VI Incorporated (NASDAQ:IIVI), a global leader in engineered materials and opto-electronic components, today announced that it will present a broad portfolio of products at SPIE Photonics West, on Feb. 16-18, 2016, in San Francisco, CA, in Hall C, Booth # 2223. The II-VI booth will house several business divisions in one location to showcase their new products and services:

Laser Optics

II-VI Infrared will display a new line of carbon monoxide (CO) optics and components for 5-6 µm CO lasers as well as a new line of ion beam sputtering (IBS) coated optics. The CO optics and components are key enablers of a new generation of CO laser systems for demanding applications including printed circuit board drilling, glass and film cutting, and medical procedures. The IBS coated optics offer unmatched performance in low laser absorption, high laser damage threshold, durability and adhesion to meet the demanding requirements on optical coatings for increased power levels.

Laser Modules and Components

II-VI Laser Enterprise will show a higher power 1060 nm single-mode laser diode seed module and a new line of high power multi-bar stack laser diode modules. The new 1060 nm laser diode seed module delivers kink-free powers of up to 1.5 W in nanosecond pulse operation enabling fiber laser systems with highly efficient pulse amplification and improved frequency conversions. The expanded portfolio of high power multi-bar stack laser diode modules includes a new series of tap water cooled stacks for medical, pumping and defense applications.

II-VI Suwtech will highlight its new 808 nm fiber-coupled diode laser module which offers output powers from 15 W up to 30 W. The module is a single emitter cascaded generic design that allows higher output powers with increased wall plug efficiency and simplified thermal management.

II-VI Photop will showcase a new 5 kW laser combiner and new acousto-optic modulators. The laser combiner is available in configurations ranging from 3x1 to 31x1 and is capable of handling pump laser powers of up to 300 W to achieve power levels exceeding 5 kW. The acousto-optic modulators are designed for pulsed fiber lasers operating at 1 micron wavelength.

Tools for Laser Material Processing

II-VI HIGHYAG will display its laser processing heads for cutting and welding as well as a new laser light cable, the LLK-Q. The new version of the laser cutting head BIMO-FSC with machine controlled adjustment of focus position is rated for a laser power of up to 8 kW. The QBH-compatible LLK-Q laser light cable meets the demanding requirements for use in cutting machines.

Imaging Lenses

II-VI Optical Systems will show its OWL IR line of High Definition format Visible, NIR, MWIR, and LWIR imaging lenses including its Pinhole aperture HD imaging lenses as seen on FOX Sports. It will also demonstrate its high speed, high boresight accuracy HD Format 14.5x MWIR Zoom lens. II-VI Optical Systems has extensive design and fabrication experience in multiband Athermalized and High Altitude compensated reflective and refractive imaging and laser assemblies.

Metallized Ceramic Services

II-VI Marlow will highlight its new metallized ceramic manufacturing services. These include copper thick-film patterning on aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride and beryllium oxide, as well as electroless nickel, immersion gold and immersion tin plating along with electroless gold plating up to 5 microns. II-VI Marlow’s process capabilities offer significant benefits to circuit designers who require properties that can be achieved through complex ceramic manufacturing services.

About II-VI Incorporated

II-VI Incorporated, a global leader in engineered materials and opto-electronic components is a vertically integrated manufacturing company that develops innovative products for diversified applications in the industrial, optical communications, military, life sciences, semiconductor equipment, and consumer markets. Headquartered in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, with research and development, manufacturing, sales, service, and distribution facilities worldwide, the Company produces a wide variety of application-specific photonic and electronic materials and components, and deploys them in various forms including integrated with advanced software to enable our customers.

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