Starbucks unveils Valentine's-themed beverages

Just in case you don't want to buy your lover an actual box of chocolate, Starbucks is giving you the chance to gift your sweetheart the caloric equivalent in liquid form.

On Monday, Starbucks unveiled three new chocolate beverages in honor of Valentine's Day. Customers can order the molten chocolate latte, molten chocolate Frappuccino and molten hot chocolate.

These beverages are Starbucks' latest effort to cash in on the holidays through themed beverages and merchandise. Since 1997, Starbucks' iconic "red cup" has signaled the approach of the holiday season, featuring new designs each year. This past season, the coffee chain came under fire for using a minimalist ombre design that some customers declared a "war on Christmas."

The molten chocolate beverages will be available at participating locations through Feb. 14.

Alternatively, customers could celebrate the fact that they don't have to pick up anyone else's dirty socks by raising a toast for Singles Awareness Day, around the same time.