Stock Strategies in a Market Sell-off

New York's Wall Street.
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New York's Wall Street.

It was a tough day on Wall Street after stocks extended losses from the week prior. All three major indices fell into sell-off mode; the Nasdaq actually touching its lowest level since June of 2014.

"Contrary to popular belief, it's not just oil prices seeking a bottom," says Joe Duran, CEO of United Capital. "After 7 years of monetary stimulus the economy has become immune to the drug. Now as the Fed withdraws its stimulus, and raises interest rates the market has to go through the unpleasant withdrawal process."

Global markets have also been in turmoil. Global economists seem to remain pretty convinced the ECB will ease again next month, but are less sure about timing of the next U.S. rate hike.

United Capital's Duran says that "diversification outside the U.S. market is even more important than in the past, relative valuations favor internationalizing portfolios." He recommends investing in the ETF space with the following picks: iShares S&P 100, iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Mini Vol ETF, and the Vanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond ETF.

And finally, Joe Duran suggests you "stay the course."

"A successful investment journey is based on a sound strategy that is then followed as the market challenges one's resolve."