Mother Earth Toons Launches Ethical and Environmentally-Focused Animated Music Videos and Books for Children

Los Angeles, Feb. 09, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mother Earth Toons, founder of “organic children’s entertainment,” announces it will launch book adaptations of its popular animated children’s music videos early this summer. After attracting global attention for its progressive children’s songs on YouTube, the entertainment company is now in plans to bring its environmental, ethical, and animal-focused lessons to the page after significant demand.

“When we began Mother Earth Toons, the goal was simple: create valuable children’s lessons via music that wouldn’t drive parents crazy,” said Harry Garfield, singer/songwriter and co-founder of Mother Earth Toons. “Through music and animation, we’ve managed to not only connect with children, but also educate them on several important issues that have significant value in our current world. By offering these lessons in book form, we hope to expand our reach even further.”

Mother Earth Toons’ videos explore subjects that range from the Endangered Species Act to global warming and clean energy. It’s animated music video, “I’ve Got a Habitat,” has already garnered nearly 250,000 organic views on YouTube and continues to grow as a favorite among schoolteachers around the world.

“I think Mother Earth Toons is carving out a completely new realm of children’s entertainment, one that moves beyond teaching simple shapes and colors,” said Mark Lewis, co-founder and animator of Mother Earth Toons. “We’ve essentially proven that important social and environmental concepts are not over our children’s heads. Through music, pictures, and books, we can inspire them to learn and ask questions about important issues and lessons that are truly relevant today.”

Between inspiring children to clean up the coastline and introducing them to the value of a library, Mother Earth Toons is offering an entirely new wave of educational lessons for kids to enjoy.

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