New mXP Research Reveals Valentine's Day Gift Expectations Don't Match the Reality

RHINEBECK, N.Y., Feb. 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phoenix Marketing International's mobile experience platform, mXP, has today revealed new insights regarding Valentine's Day gift giving and receiving. According to the data, it appears there's a discrepancy between what people want for Valentine's Day and what they will receive.

When asked what they plan to give their significant other for Vday, those celebrating the upcoming holiday responded with the following:

  • 12% will gift a meal at a restaurant
  • 10% will buy a card
  • Another 10% will plan an outing or experience together
  • Only 4% will purchase jewelry

On the other hand, when asked what they want, users who celebrate claimed the following:

  • 16% prefer an outing or experience to do with their loved one
  • 9% would like a meal at a restaurant
  • Only 6% want a card
  • 7% of respondents said that jewelry was their top preference. (It looks like 4% of jewelry hopefuls might be getting their wish, this year!)
  • Overall, the least popular gifts to give and receive for Valentine's Day are clothing and electronics

The results differ slightly when looking at gender in relation to giving. 11% of women said they'd be getting their significant other an experience or outing, and 10% said a card. When it comes to what men want, the mysterious "other" category came in at 19%, an experience or outing came in at 16% and a meal at a restaurant at 7%. Only 2% of women said they planned to get their sig other electronics, but 7% of men said they wanted electronics.
16% of men said they'd be getting their significant other a meal at a restaurant, 16% said flowers, candy, and/or stuffed animals, and 10% said a card. But what did women really want? A whopping 16% said an outing or experience to do together, 10% said a meal at a restaurant, and 9% said jewelry. Only 6% of women said they wanted flowers, candy and/or stuffed animals.

"This new study shows that traditional gifts, like candy and flowers, might not be as popular among women as some may think," stated Katherine DiPlacito, Phoenix Marketing International Research Analyst. "It looks like both genders value spending quality time with their partner and that scheduling an outing or activity to do together might be the best gift-giving idea."

Wealthy individuals making over 100k a year, stated a card as the most common gift they will be giving (16%). However, only 8% of those making the same income marked a card as the top gift on their wishlist. An outing or experience (20%), jewelry (10%), and a meal at a restaurant (9%), are the gifts top earners reported wanting most.

For those making 25k or under, 11% of respondents said they'd be giving flowers, candy, and/or a stuffed animal, 10% said other, and 9% said an outing or experience. When the same income bracket was asked what they want most, 11% said an outing or experience, 8% said jewelry, and 7% said electronics.
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