What's the price of your love? Around $500

Billionaire’s gift guide to Valentine’s Day

Looking to have a romantic Valentine's Day this year? It could set you back a few hundred dollars.

From roses and jewelry to dinner and champagne, Valentine's Day can be a costly affair, according to

The company compared prices for a handful of Valentine staples to determine just how much the average American spends on Feb. 14.

The answer? $512.02.

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"For most couples, the expectation is there regardless of what the economic situation is," Ron Hill, a professor at the Villanova University, said in a statement. "Love is one of the few things that we think has that infinite value."

Here's a break down of the average prices for a typical Valentine bundle, according to

  • A dozen roses — $41.66
  • A heart-shaped box of chocolates — $15.11
  • Fine dining for two — $80.46
  • A bottle of champagne — $51.54
  • Diamond earrings — $323.26

This is the first year that Bankrate has run this index, as such there is no way to track how this year's expenses compare to previous years.