America's favorite fashion retailers


Favorite fashion retailers

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Goodbye, Dillard's. Hello, H&M.

Market Force's 2016 fashion retailer rankings are out and the annual satisfaction and loyalty report features quite a few new retailers in the top spots, with major department stores like Dillard's and J.C. Penny and off-price retailer T.J. Maxx, falling out of the top five.

More than 5,700 consumers were surveyed by the company — roughly 57 percent women and 44 percent men — about retail experiences in major department stores.

Here are America's top five favorite fashion retailers by Market Force's measure.

— By CNBC's Sarah Whitten
Posted 16 Feb. 2016

5. Macy's

Customers look at boots at a Macy's in New York.
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Macy's shares have tumbled nearly 40 percent year over year, hurt by poor quarterly earnings in November.

And it's possible that it's not just the investors balking, the department store slipped several spots on Market Force's list, but still managed to remain in the top five.

Some 44 percent of consumers surveyed reported satisfaction with their most recent retail experience at the chain, down from 52 percent in 2015.

While respondents felt positively about the company's store atmosphere and merchandise selection, the brand fell short when it came to how customers felt about the value of the products for the money they spent.

4. Kohl's

People approaching Kohl's department store in Mount Kisco, New York.
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Dropping from the No. 2 spot in Market Force's 2015 list, Kohl's loyalty score dropped to 45 percent in 2016.

Customers praised the company for quick checkout speeds and store atmosphere. It also had one of the highest percentages of mobile app use compared to other fashion retailers. Some 46 percent of respondents noted awareness of the brand's app, of which 55 percent reported using it.

The department store was hurt by weak sales over the holidays, and it cut its full-year earnings forecast in early February. The company's stock is down more than 40 percent year over year.

3. (tied) Ross Dress for Less

Source: Ross Dress For Less

Ross Dress for Less is a newcomer to the top of Market Force's favorite fashion retailer list. In 2015, the company had a loyalty score of 46 percent. This year, the retailer's score is up to 51 percent.

Customers reported satisfaction with Ross' merchandise selection, value for money spent and the ability to create an outfit. However, the retailer received the second-lowest score when it came to consumer ease finding items within the store.

It is the only company in the top five that has seen significantly positive stock growth year over year. Ross shares are up more than 12 percent.

3. (tied) H&M

A woman walks past an H&M store in New York
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Another newcomer to the top five list, H&M tied with Ross Dress For Less for the third spot, with a loyalty score of 51 percent. Last year, the company had a score of 47 percent.

Consumers reported high satisfaction with the company's merchandise selection, the ability to create an outfit and ease of finding items. It also had the most used mobile app.

Shares of H&M are down more than 20 percent year over year.

2. Marshalls

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Marshalls, which took the seventh spot in last year's favorite fashion retailer's list, jumped five spots to No. 2.

The company's loyalty score jumped from 49 percent in 2015 to 53 percent this year. Customers found the highest satisfaction with Marshalls' value, with 61 percent reporting satisfaction in this area. The closest retail competitor was Old Navy with a score of 55 percent.

The company's stock is up more than 1 percent year over year.

1. Nordstrom

A Nordstrom store in Irvine, California.
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For the fourth straight year, Nordstrom claims the top spot in Market Force's favorite fashion retailer list.

The company's loyalty rating dropped significantly from 2015 to 2016, dipping from 66 percent to 58 percent.

Consumers reported satisfaction with the company's checkout speed, merchandise selection and store atmosphere.

Shares in the company are down more than 30 percent year over year.