Nymity Launches a New Solution for the Privacy Office

TORONTO, Feb. 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nymity, a leading global research company specializing in accountability, risk, and compliance solutions for the privacy office, is excited to announce the release of its new solution, Nymity Planner™, to help organizations plan, build, and manage organizational privacy.

Using a structured approach based on privacy management activities, Nymity Planner™ helps privacy offices operationalize compliance, document evidence and resources, delegate accountability, and 'plan' privacy management throughout the organization. The solution enables privacy offices to ensure privacy management is embedded in all business and operational units. Privacy officers can also use Nymity Planner™ to generate a wide variety of reports, including progress, status, compliance, accountability, and resource reports.

"Nymity Planner has been developed after receiving feedback from over 300 privacy officers and professionals around the world. The solution will prove to be highly valuable for those privacy officers who are looking to embed, manage, and report on structured privacy management across their organization" said Constantine Karbaliotis, Vice President of Privacy Office Solutions, Nymity Inc.

Nymity Planner™ allows organizations to structure their privacy management using a menu of over 130 privacy management activities in 13 privacy management categories. For organizations at any stage of privacy management, Nymity Planner™ offers an activity based approach for implementing and maintaining privacy management. Using this solution, organizations can clearly define and report on the status of their privacy management over time. Nymity Planner™ also identifies compliance privacy management activities for: OECD, GAPP, GDPR, APEC-CBPR, and common privacy management practices.

Nymity Planner™ also allows organizations to plan, manage, and communicate progress towards GDPR compliance with the GDPR Add-on. Starting in early 2018, organizations operating in the EU, or processing the personal data of EU residents, will be required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR Add-on allows organizations to quickly identify the 55 GDPR common compliance privacy management activities that need to be implemented, maintained, and evidenced to achieve ongoing compliance to the GDPR. A similar Privacy Shield Add-on will be made available once the rules are finalized and released.

About Nymity
Nymity is a leading global research company specializing in accountability, risk, and compliance solutions for the privacy office. Nymity's suite of solutions help organizations attain, maintain, and demonstrate data privacy compliance. Organizations all over the world rely on Nymity's solutions to proactively and efficiently manage their privacy programs – empowering them to comply with confidence.

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