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Power Play: Sectors that are too risky right now

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Stocks are rallying on Friday, with the Dow up more than 200 points.

PNC Asset Management Chief Investment Strategist Bill Stone tells CNBC's "Power Lunch" stocks have been oversold.

"Market sentiment has turned severely negative. While this might seem counter-intuitive, high amounts of negative sentiment versus positive sentiment often are a prelude to a move higher in stocks," Stone said.

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The top sectors for Stone right now are consumer discretionary, technology and consumer staples, but he is underweight energy.

"There will likely be opportunities there. At the moment an investor needs an iron stomach to go value hunting in the sector," Stone said.

Gradient Investments Senior Portfolio Manager Mike Binger also believes the market is a buy here.

"The economy is still growing slightly and is OK. At some point investors may look at low oil prices and low interest rates as a tax rebate to consumers," Binger said.

Favorites for Binger include tech, health care and consumer discretionary, but he is avoiding utilities.

"They've done their job as a defensive sector, but are now overvalued," Binger said.

Consumer discretionary, technology, consumer staples and health care are higher during trading, while utilities is lower.