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Tax traps: The top 10 IRS audit triggers

Tax audit

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Audit? You wrought it ...

You had a couple of extra weekend days to complete your 2015 tax return, thanks to the fact Washington, D.C. celebrated Emancipation Day last Friday. You're ready to mail it in or e-file. Before you drop it in the mailbox or hit "send," you might want to do another last-minute appraisal to avoid every tax payer's worst nightmare — an audit notification letter from the Internal Revenue Service — a bit later in the year. How to avoid this bad dream and keep sleeping soundly after you've turned in your return (or filed for an extension) today? did a little research, and here are 10 of the top reasons cited for taxpayers finding themselves on the receiving end of unwanted IRS attention. Do your best to not be guilty of these missteps, where possible, and you'll likely avoid an audit in 2016 and beyond.

— By CNBC's Kenneth Kiesnoski
Updated and re-posted 18 April 2016

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