[French Start-up and entrepreneurship] CALLR celebrates its 5th anniversary

PARIS, Feb. 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CALLR, voice and SMS automation specialist, today celebrates its 5thanniversary. Let's look back at the story of this French start-up.

A company different right from the start

Founded in 2011 by Taoufik Zagdoud and Florent Chauveau, this French start-up aims at rendering voice and SMS integration easier by putting them at the service of companies via smart solutions. The two founders shared a common analysis: voice and SMS are still the most efficient ways to connect brands to their customers, and thus represent a major growth and economic development factor.

Besides their technological ambitions, CALLR also distinguishes themselves thanks to a clear business model. Indeed, the two co-founders have always refused to look for fundraising to ensure their company's growth and longevity. This stand taken made of CALLR a disruptive element in an entrepreneurial market where financing methods are often at the heart of the debates.

"Each day comes with its number of fundraisings, and this could be a bit confusing for tomorrow entrepreneurs. At CALLR, we deliberately decided to not depend on fundraising and this has never been an obstacle to our development. Indeed, since our creation in 2011, we have always been profitable, our growth is steady, and we are expanding worldwide, which proves that French start-ups are able to survive while remaining independent"
Taoufik Zagdoud, President and co-founder of CALLR

This decision has never hindered their growth, CALLR being profitable since the very beginning.. In 2015, their turnover was €2 million.

CALLR rapidly expanded globally by opening offices in New-York in 2012, and more recently in Los Angeles. The next steps are towards Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Extreme-Orient.

A universal technology

CALLR's technological offer focuses around their API:

API JSON VOICE & SMS: this format allows for a simple adaptation to any programming language (PHP, Java, .NET, Javascript, etc.) and makes integration easier within the environment. Several functionalities are available within this API: real-time voice response, sending and receiving SMS, 2-step verification, call tracking and click-to-call, audio conference, simple installation.

"Working with several customer with critical needs, we are always looking for a way to optimize productivity thanks to several interconnections. We regularly talk with our customers in order to best answer their needs. Our solutions make it possible to improve customer experience and can be used universally in different industries"
Florent Chauveau, CTO and co-founder of CALLR

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CALLR Press Release 5th Anniversary http://hugin.info/171938/R/1986389/728776.pdf


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