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MILPITAS, Calif. and SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lumentum Holdings Inc. (“Lumentum”) today announced it would have on hand its full spectrum of laser technologies and products at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, Calif., from February 16 -18, 2016. Lumentum’s laser products enable a wide range of advanced micro-materials and macro-materials processing.

Conference attendees are invited to see Lumentum’s recently announced ultrafast laser PicoBlade®2, as well as other products including the Q-series diode-pumped UV lasers, CORELIGHT ™ Series -- Kilowatt Class Fiber Laser Engines, and ST Series -- 140 W Fiber-Coupled Diode Pump Laser Modules in booth #2017.

Ultrafast Industrial Lasers – PicoBlade 2

Lumentum has one of the highest precision, highest reliability ultrafast industrial laser portfolios in the industry. Lumentum’s ultrafast industrial lasers are ideal for a wide variety of applications, from micromachining to the life sciences and metrology. The lasers use proprietary passive, self-starting, semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) technology to generate picosecond seed pulses without any external control. Representing the ultrafast industrial laser portfolio in the booth will be PicoBlade2. It leverages the successful market adoption of the PicoBlade platform, but adds a number of market-proven features that distinguish it from competitive offerings.

Q-Series Lasers

Representing Lumentum’s Q-series diode-pumped UV lasers is the high-power Q306. The Q306, along with the Q305, address a wide range of micro-materials-processing applications. Leveraging higher average power, they enable greater overall throughput providing up to 1mJ of energy at 355nm with exceptional beam quality (M2 less than 1.2). The Q-series is a leading high-power Q-switched laser solution.

CORELIGHT Series -- Kilowatt Class Fiber Laser Engines

Lumentum will display the CORELIGHT YLE series advanced and high-brightness 6.3-kilowatt ytterbium fiber laser engine built upon Lumentum’s proven 2.1 kilowatt fiber laser modules. CORELIGHT series products are targeted for integration into turn-key fiber laser systems and installation into advanced machine tools for industrial cutting, welding, and material deposition. Outstanding beam characteristics enable high-quality and high-speed cutting performance of steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and many other materials. High-brightness, fast modulation, and exceptional power stability of the CORELIGHT series products support challenging remote welding and highly controlled hybrid-welding applications. CORELIGHT series products meet high-reliability standards that are critical for high-volume macro-machining industrial environments.

Lumentum ST Series -- 140 W Fiber-Coupled Diode Pump Laser Modules

The ST series offers up to 140 W output through a 106.5 μm fiber fiber-coupled pump-laser module. It is one of the industry’s brightest fiber-coupled diode lasers, which is ideal for the accelerating adoption of fiber lasers by machine-tool makers. The ultra-compact and high-brightness ST series is a highly integrated device, which enables power scaling of multi-kW fiber lasers. The ST series leverages a long history of fiber-coupled packages such as the L4, incorporating a highly reliable design in a scalable commercial product. The ST series undergoes rigorous testing for endurance and power stability to withstand prolonged use in manufacturing settings.

About Lumentum

Lumentum (NASDAQ:LITE) is a market-leading manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products enabling optical networking and commercial laser customers worldwide. Lumentum’s optical components and subsystems are part of virtually every type of telecom, enterprise, and data center network. Lumentum’s commercial lasers enable advanced manufacturing techniques and diverse applications including next-generation 3D sensing capabilities. Lumentum is headquartered in Milpitas, California with R&D, manufacturing, and sales offices worldwide. For more information, visit

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