Massachusetts Man Arrested For Hacking Hospital Following Cruise Ship Rescue

Leo Lintang | Getty Images

A man under investigation by the FBI since at least the fall of 2014 was arrested in Miami this morning after being rescued by a Disney cruise ship near the coast of Cuba.

Martin Gottesfeld, 31, of Somerville, Massachusetts was charged with conspiracy for allegedly coordinating a computer work attack on a Massachusetts hospital supposedly as a part of the hacking group "Anonymous".

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Gottesfeld, the Government alleges, "posted a YouTube video calling, in the name of Anonymous, for action against the local hospital in response to its treatment of Patient A."

The patient according to the Justice Department was a teenage girl "who was the subject of a high-profile custody battle between her parents and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

The attack apparently took down the hospital's network for "at least seven days" including the hospital's website. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston says the hospital's day to day operations as well as research was affected.

Gottesfeld had been missing for weeks and he was reported missing to the FBI. Yesterday, he and his wife called in a distress call from a boat and were picked up by the Disney cruise.

When the cruise ship arrived in Miami he was taken into custody.